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Yospam Dance Symbolizes Community Friendship in Papua

by Senaman
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YAPEN, PAPUA – Yospan dance originated from the Yapen Regency area, Papua and who once lived on Earth of Cendrawasih, this dance is certainly familiar, this yospan dance has been danced in various situations or activities and this one dance was part of the Physical Fitness Gymnastics movement.

Yosim Pancar Dance or Yospan Dance is a traditional Papuan dance, this dance is a combination of two traditional dances, namely Yosim Dance and Pancar Dance, Yosim Dance is a happy dance originating from two regions, namely the Sarmi area and the Biak area and while Pancar Dance originates from the Biak area which is an expression of joy by doing dance movements together by stomping both feet simultaneously to the ground.

Yospan dance is a type of paired dance danced by male and female dancers. This dance can be danced in groups with male and female dancers facing each other in one barisa and Yospan Dance also means friendship dance or social dance. The function of Yospan Dance is none other than to express a sense of happiness with a carefree atmosphere and movement.

The formation and floor patterns of Yospan dance actually experience various developments and usually the floor pattern starts from two rows which will then develop into;

  1. Diagonal formation,
  2. Circular,
  3. Cross formation,
  4. Exchange places.

Changes in the position of dancers are usually done energetically, dynamically and interestingly and there are five types of movements in Yospan Dance, namely:

  1. Seka motion where the dancer walks forward with a bowed position while stomping the feet.
  2. Motion pacul tiga where the dancer waltzes forward three steps and stops by throwing the legs to the side and forward.
  3. Gale-gali movement where dancers waltz forward four steps with the end of the footwork dragged on the ground.
  4. The jef movement in which the dancer lifts the right foot alternating with the left foot for a count of four, then returns to the beginning again.
  5. Pancar movement by advancing forward three steps, in the third step is done by jumping by landing both feet.

Between the five movements there is an intermediate motion called yosim which follows the change of one motion to another and the accompaniment of Yospan Dance usually uses a 6-string guitar, ukulele, stem bass and tifa which performs popular songs in Papuan. This dance property is a costume equipped with headdresses, bracelets, necklaces, and sometimes body paintings in accordance with local cultural values.

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