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West Papua Thriving Eco-Friendly Products Industry Untill Handicrafts

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It’s a fact that West Papua is rich in natural resources and eco-friendly products that support the industry development in this area.

Eco-friendly products are becoming popular as the campaign for a greener environment is massively promoted.

These products have become one of the solutions for this campaign, and people are more aware of this matter.

To support the eco-friendly products industry, the land of Papua has many things to offer.

Two of the most famous products are coconut oil and handicrafts. Coconut oil is produced as the available resources can be found easily.

While handicrafts have become another great product because this area has become the top option for tourism destinations recently, which indicates the product can increase people’s income.

West Papua’s Virgin Coconut Oil

As mentioned, coconuts can easily grow in West Papua and other parts of the island. This commodity becomes the main ingredient to produce Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

This coconut oil is believed to have many benefits that have become a great eco-friendly product in industrial markets.

VCO gives additional value to the people compared to raw products that they used to sell in the past.

How Virgin Coconut Oil becomes popular? In this matter, Papuans got assistance from the government and parties or people who have concerns about the province’s development.

One of the methods used to produce VCO is the fermentation method. This procedure is applied using simple procedures so that the Papuans can manage it well.

Especially virgin Coconut Oil offers many benefits for people’s health, which is why this product has become a favorite product.

One of the benefits of VCO is that this can effectively burn fat when it’s combined with the right exercise. This will result in additional energy for the exercise.

The next benefit is that this product has anti-microbial content. This is why sometimes VCO becomes one of the ingredients for soap and cosmetics.

This content will prevent its users from getting acne and other skin problems caused by microbes.

Additionally, there are many other benefits of VCO, such as increasing HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein), preventing Alzheimer, solving constipation, etc.

Eco-Friendly Handicrafts

It’s a fact that West Papua has some unique handicraft products for all visitors. The handicrafts are make using natural materials that can be find easily in nature.

People, there are very creative that they could produce some unique products and give them income from this creative industry.

Additionally some popular handicrafts from Papua are Noken, Papuan’s Batik, and some wood-made handicraft products.

1. The Unique Noken

Firstly Noken, the most popular handicraft from West Papua and other parts of Papua, is a unique handmade eco-friendly product. This handicraft is make by crocheting special thread.

Mama-mama, the nickname for Papuan mothers, hangs it on her head and uses it for bringing their stuff.

Nowadays, Noken attracts many tourists and makes this product as a souvenir when they’re back from Papua.

2. The Beautiful Papuan’s Batik

Batik is one of the special products and has become the world’s heritage from Indonesia. Almost all areas in Indonesia have the characteristics of their Batik.

Papuan Batik is another great product to consider when it comes to eco-friendly handicrafts.

Papuan’s Batik has its own characteristics that differentiate this Batik from others. Basically The pattern, the color, and the fabric are based on Papua’s culture and local wisdom.

3. The Fine Handicrafts From Woods

At last West Papua is rich in different kinds of woods. The Papuans use these woods for many purposes, and creating handicrafts is one of them.

At this point papuans make unique wood statues, wood crafting, wood bracelets, and necklaces for tourists as souvenirs.

From these products, wood crafting is the most famous wooden souvenir as this has Papua’s strong characteristics and is beautiful.

In conclusion, the eco-friendly products industry in West Papua develops very well

As the products are know not only among Papuans but also among People from outside Papua. The people can take benefits from the products.



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