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The Advances in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality in West Papua

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Tourism in West Papua is growing significantly in the last few years. This is because this province offers incredible tourism destinations.

Many visitors come daily to enjoy this amazing place’s beauty and culture.

This makes the need for hospitality for these visitors something that everyone there should think about to give the best services for them so that they will be back in the future and invite more visitors.

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

The government is trying to develop the tourism and hospitality sectors in collaboration with private parties to accommodate this purpose.

Sustainable tourism and hospitality have become one of the options that they take.

It plays a big role in tourism development that could positively impact the area’s environment and economic condition.

With sustainable tourism and hospitality in West Papua, there is a positive impact on environmental conservation.

It also provides a bigger economic benefit for the locals as they can increase their income from this sector.

This requires some advances in order to get all positive impacts and eliminate as many negative impacts of tourism development.

The advances in sustainable tourism and hospitality can be noticed in the growth of some places like tourism villages, lodges, and hotels.

These places provide the visitors with the best place to stay and the best place to enjoy their time during their visit. Here are some options for sustainable tourism and advanced hospitality.

The Ugar Village, Sustainable Ecotourism In West Papua

The Ugar Tourism Village, located in Fakfak District, is one of sustainable eco-tourism. This village has some potential that could improve the economy in this area.

This village offers many things for the visitors, such as beautiful landscapes consisting of alluring land areas and the expanse of water.

The beaches in this place have white sand. The beaches also have coconut trees that beautify the scenery lining the shores.

In addition, this tourist village also has some incredible cultural attractions.

There are karst islands in the village’s area which are almost similar to those in Raja Ampat. Prehistoric paintings and archaeological remains can be seen on the walls of karst cliffs.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

It could be the most advanced hospitality in the area located in Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat.

This has the best spot for diving with the most diverse reefs giving the visitors an unforgettable experience when they visit this place.

This resort offers many services, such as free Wi-Fi and airport pick-up. It has various rooms that the visitors can choose for them to have the soundest sleep.

Because its location is near the beach, the visitors can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

The restaurant of this resort offers various menus from Western food as well as local food served with fresh ingredients.

This advance in service of this lodge is an effort to invite more visitors to Raja Ampat, West Papua.

ASTON Sorong Hotel

This hotel is located in Sorong to support hospitality in the city. It’s located in Sorong, the biggest town in West Papua.

Reaching this hotel is very easy because it is within walking distance from Domine Eduard Osok airport.

This hotel offers visitors all nearby tourist destinations and attractions, such as Taman Wisata Alam Sorong, Rumah Etnik Papua, taman Burung Aimas, and more.

This hotel could be an option for either holiday or a business trip. This offers many facilities that will impress all visitors and make them remember their stay in this hotel.

This hotel has advanced facilities to provide the best hospitality for visitors.

These impressive advances in tourism and hospitality make West Papua even more famous. This would be very good for the development of the province.

As a result, the life of Papuans will improve as they have more chances to improve their economic condition through tourism.



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