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Get to know Tradition of Paying the Head of the Heram Ayapo Papua Community

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Yu is a head-paying tradition carried out by the people of Heram Ayapo, Papua. This tradition has been passed down from generation to generation by the local community after the funeral ceremony. Quoting from heritageculture.kemdikbud.go.id, yu traditions are still maintained today. Not just a tradition, yu also contains values ​​in maintaining balance among family members and members of other community groups.

Some of the values ​​contained in this tradition, including togetherness, mutual trust, and self-esteem. Therefore, this tradition is considered very important by the Heram Ayapo people. The giving of heads by the people of Heram Ayapo and the Sentani Papuan tribe is usually seen based on social status, relationships, and the type of assets used in the community groups concerned (for those who grieve). The position of giver and receiver in yu custom consists of several groups, including:

  1. The Yachale Group

The Yakhale group is a community group consisting of ondofolo and khotelo-khotelo. In the Sentani tribe and especially Heram Ayapo, this group is a group that is at the very top of the social strata in society.

  1. The Khame group

The Khame group is a community group consisting of akhona-akhona who are leaders or heads of each clan. Akhona is usually the eldest child or first-born in the family. One Akhona oversees several families who are usually her younger siblings. In the customary government structure, these Akhona are under the khotelo who are the leaders of their tribe.

  1. The Imea ei group

Imea ei’s group consists of the bereaved’s immediate family. In this case, the party in question is the party from the female family, such as the male cousins ​​who will later receive and the group from the male family as the party who will later give. Imea ei’s group is quite a large group.

  1. The Yowa Group ei

The Yowa ei group is the siblings or close relatives of the bereaved family or those who are always directly involved in giving or receiving head property. In giving assets, the types of assets used consist of various shapes, sizes, colors with different qualities and values ​​from one another.

This also applies to the level of use of the property. The use of assets in the payment process for head assets is based on the needs, responsibilities, obligations, and groups of people who use assets in social life. As for the level of value of each object in its use, it consists of eba (glass bracelet), he (stone axe), and reboni (beads).

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