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List of Countries that Support West Papua and Bring Bad Influence

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The list of countries that support West Papua can add to your insight. Indonesia is a much-loved country.

So how can it be that they support West Papua’s independence from Indonesia in an era like today?

List of Seven of Countries that Support West Papua

Seven countries support West Papua. There may be several countries you know, or this is the first time you have heard of them.

The Papuan people feel that human rights are unfair to them. Many other countries criticized them. The following is a list of seven countries that support West Papua:

1. Vanuatu

Being the name of the first country in the first place, Vanuatu has a wrong impression on the Indonesian government.

The government even ordered and strongly criticized Vanuatu for being too separatist and interfering.

Not only that, Vanuatu even supports Papuan separatist groups. Their support is also directed to the West Papua Liberation Movement led by Benny Wenda.

The country witnessed the establishment of ULMWP six years ago.

2. Palau

Palau is one of the Pacific countries that urged the international community to act on the West Papua issue in 2016.

The State of Palau considers West Papua to have felt discriminated against by human rights and aspirations for destiny.

This country, located north of Indonesia, joined several countries in Oceania in the UN session. They aim to attack Indonesia and support the independence of West Papua.

3. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine urged the UN Human Rights Council to initiate a credible investigation into abuses in West Papua in 2016.

4. Tuvalu

Tuvalu has a leader who, in 2018, took part in the West Papua independence campaign debate. He voiced his concern for West Papua and conveyed it at the UN General Assembly.

Tuvalu is one of the countries colonized by the British, which is a country that is quite disturbing for good relations between Indonesia and West Papua.

How come? Tuvalu has always supported West Papua to be independent and no longer in Indonesia.

5. Solomon Islands

The name Solomon may already be familiar. This country has expressed concern over allegations of human rights violations in Papua.

The Solomon Islands also presented this problem at the 2016 UN General Assembly.

Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare, said violations of human rights in West Papua and efforts to self-determination of West Papua are two sides of the same coin.

6. Nauru

Have you heard the name of this country? It is unlikely for you to know the country of Nauru because it is a small country that is not very popular.

Nauru is a small country located on the Pacific Islands. In the past, the State of Nauru was known as a very wealthy country.

His wealth comes from phosphate mining, which is a source of natural wealth owned by Nauru.

In 2001, the country experienced a drastic decline in food and wealth. As a result, this Nauru country has become one of the poorest countries.

7. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is located in Central America. In contrast to the previous six countries originating from the Pacific.

The State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is included in the countries that support West Papua.

The participation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in voting at the 71st general assembly of the United Nations to attack Indonesia and demand independence for West Papua is also evidence.

The seven lists of countries that support West Papua are countries that more or less bring bad influence between Indonesia and West Papua.


Most support West Papua for independence and as if Indonesia has no human rights.

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