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Supporting Creative Economy Tourism, Bank Indonesia Holds Papua Festival Cendrawasih 2024

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JAYAPURA, PAPUA – The Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Papua has held the Cenderawasih Festival starting Friday at the former Entrop Jayapura terminal (in front of PTC), the Cenderawasih Festival will last for three days May 17-19, 2024. Acting Governor of Papua Province Ridwan Rumasukun at the Opening Ceremony on Friday, May 17, 2024. Ridwan expressed his highest appreciation to the Papua Representative Office of Bank Indonesia for organizing this festival in the midst of the Forkopimda who were present to support the spirit of creative economic development of Tourism, Culture, and Education in Papua.

Various sectors so as to make Papua stronger and this is an increase in economic actors not only corporations but also Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and also attended the Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Cenderawasih Festival including:

  1. Acting Regional Secretary of Papua,
  2. Deputy Chief of Police of Papua,
  3. Kodam XVII or Cenderawasih,
  4. Lantamal,
  5. Chief of Police,
  6. Papua House of Representatives,
  7. Bank Papua,
  8. Bulog Papua,
  9. OJK Papua, 
  10. Religious Leaders.

The Cenderawasih Festival harmonizes various important Bank Indonesia activities such as the Road to Sharia Economic Festival, KTI, Pre-Event of the Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival (FEKDI, Cinta Bangga Paham (CBP) Rupiah and Pre-Event of the Road to Indonesian Creative Works (KKI) into a harmonious collaboration in order to encourage new sources of economic growth in Papua.

Ridwan Rumasukun welcomed the 2024 Cenderawasih Festival and he hopes that the entire series of Festival activities can provide sustainable benefits for all MSME and Tourism actors and the entire community, to increase awareness of the economic development of Papua Province which is getting stronger, sustainable, balanced and inclusive along with global economic developments that are starting to improve. “Likewise, the economic development of the Papua Region which recorded a growth of 17.49 percent in the first quarter of 2024 was the highest among other provinces at the national level,” said Ridwan Rumasukun.

Meanwhile, Head of the Representative Office (KPw) of Bank Indonesia (BI) Papua Faturachman revealed that the 2024 Cenderawasih Festival, his party had carried out several things. Namely Love Proud to Understand Rupiah, MSME development, and Tourism, where love proud to understand rupiah is an education that should continue to be carried out so that people can understand the characteristics of money and how to care for money, use money, and most importantly do not let the community become victims of counterfeit money circulation and then the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, because Micro Small and Medium Enterprises have a very rapid role in the economy, and Tourism itself, which the BI Papua Representative Office sees in the context of creating new sources of economic growth, because Papua has a very high tourism potential, “so here we are excited about creating or developing new sources of economic growth”, said Faturachman.

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