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Container Box Assistance for Traders in Central Papua

by Senaman
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The Central Papua Regional Government is serious about accelerating the economic progress of the community. The development of facilities and infrastructure supporting the community’s economic activity is carried out quickly and in an orderly manner. From building markets and supplying warehouses, to helping container vendors sell their stalls. This support is in line with the wishes of traders who have notified the authorities of their needs.

Container boxes are one of the premises that traders in Central Papua have to carry out their buying and selling activities. In addition, container boxes can be used as temporary storage to safely store your products. It should be noted that the main products traded by the inhabitants of Central Papua are agricultural and horticultural products. Starting with rice, fruits, sago and what is quite famous is red betel. The warehouses in the marketplaces that were built earlier are public warehouses. Residents of Central Papua will use the container boxes as private warehouses to store their goods.

The management of the market and warehouses is carried out by managers who are also residents of Central Papua. From the delivery of the product to circulation until it enters the warehouse, it is carefully recorded to avoid confusion, and the date of release of the product for sale is also recorded. Security has also been tightened at the warehouse to prevent any untoward incidents in the future.

Built by the regional government of Papua Province, the market has various facilities to facilitate the business activities of the traders, i.e. buy and sell. The secondary container box can also be used as a stall, making the market wider as it is the market building itself and is surrounded by container boxes that are also used for buying and selling stalls.

The Central Papua Regional Government’s support to the community, especially the traders, is ongoing. In the past, aid was provided for incinerators that could be used to produce horticultural products such as coffee and other agricultural products. This toaster is used simultaneously to ensure that the quality of the machine is one of the best, so that everyone can use it. The regional government also provides grinding machines for the production process to the people of Central Papua. Milling machines are used to grind grains to be made into flour or processed into animal feed.

Providing assistance to support the economic activities of the people of Central Papua is a manifestation of the regional government’s seriousness in improving the city’s living standards and economy. They are expected to be able to use and maintain the equipment with assistance so that it will last and continue to be used. So everyone who needs this equipment can use it interchangeably. The city government also provides maintenance services for the equipment if it breaks down during use. The public need not worry because if the equipment is damaged, the local government will replace it with new equipment if it is beyond repair.

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