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Sago Flour Processing Unit and Sago Planting inaugurated by Acting Governor of Papua

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JAYAPURA, PAPUA – Acting Governor of Papua Ridwan Rumasukun inaugurated the Mabers Phuyaka Sago Flour Processing Unit and joint sago planting in Kampung Sereh, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency and this is done with the aim that people do not depend on rice but also consume sago as a substitute for carbohydrates, seeing the current condition of our products still wet label so that in the future we focus on brands that comply with Indonesian National Standards.

In line with this, the Head of Bank Indonesia said that we focus on community empowerment, that what we have witnessed together such as the inauguration of the sago flour UPH in relation to inflation can be said to be the sago commodity as a substitute for food, especially rice, if we produce sago well, it can be used as a substitute for carbohydrates and while Papua’s need for rice is around 4%, so that Papua becomes the 5th Province of low inflation and we must improve this in the future, besides that related to empowerment there is a fairly high export demand for sago and this is an opportunity that we must pick up immediately because we are rich in sago.

One question that arises “What next if there is no OTSUS” then as one option, we need a new source of economic growth besides mining and we need to increase capacity building, In this activity, the Acting Governor of Papua handed over the Sago Processed Quality Permit Certificate and Halal Certificate directly to UPH Mabers Pyuyaka sago flour and in this handover the Acting Governor of Papua said that sago is included in the free lunch program in schools and this is a program of the President-elect (Prabowo Subianto) and we must support this.

In his remarks, the Acting Governor of Papua said that our sago should have good packaging according to the Indonesian National Standard. and now we are playing in the green and blue economy, and this will make us prosperous and we should support together. If the economy is good, health and education can increase with extraordinary investment, then we must provide strengthening so that the Papuan people can continue their lives from sago and in the future sago can also be made into skincare and this is a new breakthrough and must be ours and according to the motto rise, advance and be independent.

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