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Regional Head Election 2024, Papua’s Political Temperature Begins to Warm Up

by Senaman
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JAYAPURA, PAPUA – The political temperature in the 2024 Regional Head Elections or simultaneous elections in Papua began to warm up. Figures have begun to mobilize to register themselves to take part in the selection of candidates in many parties in order to get Pilkada tickets. In the past week, a series of names have returned registration files as candidates for Governor of Papua to political parties including:

  1. Benhur Tomi Mano,
  2. Paulus Waterpauw,
  3. Mathius Fakhiri,
  4. Mathius Awoitauw.

Benhur Tomi Mano admitted that he has participated in the selection of candidates for Papua Governor in 10 political parties including Nasdem Party, PAN, PDIP, Gerindra, Democrat, Hanura and United Development Party. “I believe there are nine parties that will give me a ticket of support. PDIP has seven seats, so two seats are needed from parties that want to join as a supporting party for BTM in the future,” said Benhur.

Benhur Tomi Mano, there are already several parties that have given signals to carry Benhur Tomi Mano in the upcoming Papua Governor Election. “PDIP has 100 percent supported us, then other parties that gave green signals were PSI, PAN, PKS and Perindo,” said Benhur.

Mathius Awoitau himself claimed to have registered with six parties, namely Gerindra, PSI, PKB, PDIP, Democrat and Nasdem. Mathius also hopes that at least three parties will give recommendations to him to fight in the Papua Governor Election, “communication with PKB has been going well, but if possible add PSI and Gerindra as well. Then there are two other candidates who registered with the Democrats, one of whom could be my companion,” said Mathius.

Mathius said, of course, political parties need the results of the electability level survey. “So we hope that electability can be good, it can also be decisions at the DPP level later,” said Mathius.

Meanwhile, from data compiled by RRI, Paulus Waterpauw is known to have registered as a candidate for Governor of Papua in nine parties and Mathius Fakhiri is also known to have registered in nine parties.

Acting Governor of Papua Ridwan Rumasukun said, the figures who will run in the elections are the best sons of Papua because of that, Ridwan expects all citizens to support all stages that are running, “I also hope that the administrative process and the implementation of the stages of this election can run according to the provisions. So that it can produce our best leaders for 2024-2029,” Ridwan said.

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