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Type B’s Hospital Construction and Specialized Hospital in Papua

by Senaman
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The public health situation in Papua is on positive track. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, which is successfully promoted by the society through health care professionals, health care institutions are also continuously improved every year. Hospitals are one of the most important facilities that continue to be built throughout Papua. So, when problems arise in the healthcare sector, people don’t have to look far for a hospital. High-quality and specialized health centers with impeccable equipment and medical staff are the goal of the Government in cooperation with the health service. Therefore, type B hospitals were gradually built, as well as hospitals that treated specific diseases. Health services, which used to be minimal, are now maximized for the benefit of society.

Public health data is not just about numbers, but about the quality of health care workers who can do well with the right support. Not only that, the government of Papua also encourages the existence of health institutions that support medical studies so that medical students can study and practice their knowledge in Papuan hospitals. Cenderawasih University, one of the public universities in Papua, is working with the government to build a type B integrated hospital that can become an excellent hospital that can harness the potential of young doctors in Papua and benefit the people of Papua to receive treatment that needed.

The capital required to build a hospital is not cheap, but that is not a problem. Hundreds of billions of rupiah paid from the National Revenue and Expenditure is evidence that the government is serious about building adequate health facilities in Papua. The participation of indigenous Papuans is also taken into account. The construction workers are made up of local Papuans under the direct supervision of reliable contractors who are used to building good hospitals.

In Papua, in addition to type B hospitals, referral hospitals for medical specialists were also built. There is everything from cardiac specialists to dialysis patients. The presence of this special hospital will help the community to bear the medical expenses and treatment process. It is true that people have public health insurance to fund your treatment and care, but if they need to travel to another area for treatment, of course itwill have to dig into their own pockets to pay for transport and accommodation. These are costs that are borne by patients as a burden. Therefore, the construction of hospitals that specifically treat cases of certain diseases will definitely help patients in the treatment process.

The construction of a new hospital in Papua is inevitable. Sustaining positive health trends in Papuans requires strategic action. Papuans already understand how to live a healthy life and access health care services. The government is also paying special attention to Papua’s health sector.

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