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TRANSITION HUNTERS: For Nature Conservation

by Senaman
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DEVELOPMENT OF NATURE – Hunters are one of the livelihoods carried out by people in Papua. The use of nature which leads to dependence makes hunting an activity that must be carried out in order to fulfill life’s needs. Hunting activities will not have a negative impact when animals that are not threatened with extinction are being hunted. Papua’s natural conditions, which are a habitat for animals that have endangered status, make hunting activities a threat to the nature conservation process. The reason why hunting activities are still carried out apart from because it is a tradition passed down from various generations, is because there has been no transition to other activities that have replaced hunting.

Various parties, both from the government and the private sector, have concerns that hunting activities will cause the extinction of various types of endemic animals which are endangered in Papua. In fact, to fulfill the need for meat, for example, there are already other alternatives such as raising pigs. So that the people of Papua no longer need to hunt.

There are hopes regarding hunting activities in Papua. As an area that consists of several tribes with cultural differences, there are customary laws that are able to protect protected forest areas. The government and other parties who wish to carry out nature conservation should focus on the customary laws that apply and are implemented by the people of Papua. The power of customary law is quite strong because it is related to trust. So, when these customary laws are obeyed by various tribes, they will be afraid to take fish, catch birds, or carry out hunting activities because there are threats such as disease and even death that they will get when carrying out hunting activities.

Another empowerment that can divert hunters to support nature conservation is by providing them with other activities through outreach. For example, by providing education regarding pig farming which is then assisted by the government to procure it. Then, other skills also need to be taught to hunters, such as handicraft or farming skills so that they no longer need to hunt to fulfill their daily needs.


It is difficult to eradicate hunting activities in Papua. Especially when they become hunters because it has been passed down from generations before them to make ends meet. However, they believe that there is customary law that can help the nature conservation process. Compliance with customary laws helps them not to exploit natural resources. Only later did other parties such as the government empower hunters to be able to obtain other activities that support the fulfillment of the Papuan people’s living needs..

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