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Trans Papua, Land Road Connecting to West Papua

by Senaman
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Equal development is the goal to be achieved by the government. One of the things that needs to be considered in achieving this goal is to create adequate access to transport. For this reason, the government is building the Trans Papua Road, which extends to the tip of West Papua. The goal is clear that equality must be applied in all areas of public life in Papua. Development is also one of the goals, namely to create a public organization that can increase the strength of the Papuan people.

The construction of the Trans Papua road will bring benefits to the people of Papua. Starting from the economic side. The single pricing policy for essential commodities like basic food and fuel oil really requires access to distribution. It cannot be denied that the distribution process is quite expensive and makes it difficult to implement a single price policy unless special subsidies are introduced. Rather than implementing specific subsidies that address only one problem, the government agreed that creating adequate access to land transport would facilitate the implementation of a single price policy in Papua. Another reason is that access to land transport, facilitating distribution, will increase the speed of development in Papua.

There are beautiful views along the Trans Papua Road, especially along the beaches, forests and mountains. Access to this natural beauty is easier if there are solid and smooth country roads. Support facilities such as gas stations or shops can also be located along the Trans Papua road to help anyone traveling along the road without fear of encountering problems with their vehicle. When the flow of distribution is smooth due to proper access, the pace of development will increase accordingly.

Development data can be linked to different areas such as health and education. Once the Trans Papua road is 100% complete and operating optimally, doctors will easily visit patients in all Papuan hospitals and patients will also be able to easily travel to health facilities. In terms of education, schools will be built to be accessible to teachers and students across Papua. The teaching and learning process is not hindered by difficult road access.

The construction of the Trans Papua Road will bring various benefits that can support the equality and development of the Papuan people in various areas of life. Therefore, it is important to complete the construction of the Trans Papua road immediately. The government continues to strive for equality and is supported by the local Papuan community who want to continue to improve in various areas. A large budget is not a problem for the government when it sees the Trans Papua road as a major road that opens distribution channels not only for transport but also for fast and accurate community-based government policies.

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