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PARADISE IN PAPUA “With The Beauty of Nature”

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Papua is known for its pristine natural beauty and a variety of unique features. It is not surprising that some people think that Papua is the embodiment of heaven that then exists on earth. Raja Ampat, for example, is one of the tourist destinations that offers the natural beauty of Papua. The view of the sea and the cluster of small islands surrounding it, not to mention the beauty of the marine species on this island with an area of approximately 4 million hectares, makes tourists want to visit it. Apart from Raja Ampat, if you want to visit a place that has a mountainous theme, climbing to the peak of Jayawijaya is also interesting for those conquering the challenge who want to reach one of the highest peaks in Indonesia. If we walk and go there  we will find Baliem Valley which offers the beauty of the social and cultural life of the people who live there. There is even a Baliem Valley Festival which is regularly held.

Beautiful natural landscapes ranging from the sea to the mountains make Papua attractive to tourists. Apart from that, the condition of the people who still adhere to their customs also makes tourists want to experience the sensation of mingling with the local community. For animal and plant lovers, Papua also has a National Park. Without hesitation, there are two National Parks in Papua, namely Wasur National Park and Lorentz National Park. The Papua Regional Government is also making efforts to empower the natural and tourism potential of the land of Papua. Coordination with various tribes is one of the important keys to creating friendly tourism for visitors. However, visitors as tourists and immigrants must also comply with applicable customs. The increase in the number of tourists each year proves that empowerment in the tourism sector has been successful in being carried out by stakeholders, especially from the Regional Government and also the local community. Other stakeholders such as the department and the Ministry of Tourism also collaborate with investors according to their needs and applicable regulations so as not to damage the beautiful values of the land of Papua and also benefit from a sense of mutual care for each other so that all the tourism potential that Papua has remains as it is.

It is hoped that in the years to come there will certainly be various kinds of convenience, especially regarding access for tourists so they can easily arrive in Papua. Even though the current access can be said to be more than enough to improve the tourism sector, as time goes by, there will certainly be more and easier access, especially regarding transportation, so that it will be easier for tourists to reach even more tourism potential offered by the paradise land of Papua.

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