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NUTMEG FARMERS FORUM “Forum For the Empowerment of Nutmeg Farmers in Papua”

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Nutmeg has special features that have been recognized since ancient times. So that nutmeg has become one of the commodities that is sought after in export activities. Indonesia is one of the largest producing and exporting countries of nutmeg in the world. Papua plays a role in producing approximately 10% of the nutmeg harvest in Indonesia. The landscape with a tropical climate that still has a lot of land that has been planted with nutmeg for generations and is also located in the equatorial region makes Papua able to produce the maximum quantity and best quality of nutmeg harvest.

People’s lives in Papua depend on the natural products around them. Making a living as a nutmeg farmer has also become a type of community activity that is considered capable of ensuring that they are provided for, especially from an economic perspective. The price of nutmeg tends to be stable and the natural conditions that are well known to the community mean that nutmeg farmers in Papua can be considered to be at an established point. However, sometimes there are several problems that it is feared will have an impact on the sustainability of nutmeg farming in Papua. Starting from the recent uncertain climate and also resulting in the number of harvests being threatened if a solution is not immediately found.

Nutmeg farmers in Papua who share the same concerns are assisted by other parties such as related agencies to create a forum to overcome the problems they are experiencing. This forum is a forum called the Nutmeg Farmers Forum. The existence of this forum means that nutmeg farmers in Papua have a place to exchange complaints, problems and also find solutions together in the future. Innovative programs are provided to nutmeg farmers through this forum. Starting from how to increase harvest yields, using modern equipment, to how to process nutmeg into several derivative products such as syrup and jam from nutmeg.


The Plantation Service and academics from tertiary institutions are involved in carrying out activities at the Nutmeg Farmers Forum. Deliberations are often held by the Nutmeg Farmers Forum. When deliberation activities are held, dialogue takes place between farmers, the government and other stakeholders with the same goal, namely maintaining the welfare of nutmeg farmers in Papua. Increasing agricultural output will lead to an increase in people’s living standards. Starting from the knowledge of cultivating nutmeg, producing derivative products from nutmeg, until then being able to gain economic benefits.

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