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LITERACY IMPROVEMENT “Papua Using Papua Contextual Package Book (BPKP)”

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DEVELOPMENT – Literacy in Papua continues to improve from time to time. The view that Papua is far from being literate, especially when it is related to basic literacy such as reading, writing and arithmetic (calistung) is no longer relevant as the era progresses. Papuan people can be said to be at the literacy stage. What is driving the increase in literacy is one of the more attention from the Regional Government which is collaborating with various parties in the education sector to produce teaching materials in the form of books that can be accessed by all students in Papua, namely the Papuan Contextual Package Book (BPKP).

Mr Martijn van Drijl, who comes from the Wamena Christian Foundation, is one of the originators of the Papuan Contextual Package Book (BPKP). The reason why he started BPKP was because he wanted to increase literacy in Papua. One of the reasons why literacy in Papua was initially low was due to differences in language structure where teaching materials for students still followed the standard language of Indonesian. Meanwhile, in Papua, there are different language structures with various kinds of diversity. BPKP is the answer to overcoming differences in language structure so that students in Papua can learn easily without compromising the values and culture they have adhered to for a long time. So there is an adjustment to teaching materials which is realized in the form of BPKP.

The Papuan Contextual Package Book (BPKP) also teaches literacy about Papua so that students maintain their customs and culture while learning new things. Ease of access also makes BPKP an appropriate tool for increasing literacy. How could it not be, BPKP can be accessed for free, both in printed book form and non-printed book form or online via the website www.bukupaketkontekstualpapua.com.

The initial launch of the Papua Contextual Package Book (BPKP) was carried out in collaboration between various stakeholder parties. The local values ​​contained in the BPKP also show how local communities are considered as stakeholders with the same goal, namely increasing literacy in Papua. So it is not surprising that from year to year, the literacy level in Papua increases.

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