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House Construction in Paumako, Central Papua Governor Officials Appreciated by John NR

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NABIRE, CENTRAL PAPUA – The construction of 14 units of livable houses began to appear when the Head of the Public Works, Spatial Planning, Housing and Settlement Office of Central Papua Province, Ukago visited the Paumako village area in October 2023 and there was a story from a member of the Papua House of Representatives on the Special Autonomy line John NR Gobai said, this development had healed his heart wound.

After Gobai was sworn in as a member of the Papua House of Representatives at the end of 2017, Gobai made his first working visit to his appointment area in Mimika Regency to Nabire Regency and in early 2018, had visited the Paumako area, especially near the port as well as seeing firsthand up close, it turns out that there is housing owned by the Kamoro tribe whose differences are very striking between the people near the city and those near the Paumako port.

Gobai also gave a message to PT Freeport Indonesia, the Mimika Regency Government and also YPMAK to be able to build decent houses like those built by the Central Papua provincial government around Paumako and also in other villages, “so that there are decent houses for the community but there is also a fishing village built with the concept of 3S or sago, canoe and river which is the philosophy of the Timika community, especially the Kamoro or Mimika Wee tribe,” said Gobai.

Gobai emphasized that the Kamoro tribe is one of the customary owners in the Mimika Regency area where there is a giant company, PT Freeport Indonesia and according to him, since seeing the condition of Paumako, he has almost always spoken in the media for the need to build decent housing for the people in Paumako.

When the Central Papua Province was formed, this condition was conveyed to the Acting Governor of Central Papua through his personal WhatsApp message and finally to the Acting Regent of Mimika, Valentinus Sudarminto, “in October 2023 when the Acting Governor of Central Papua Ribka Haluk activated the Regent of Mimika Eltinus Omaleng, the Acting Governor of Central Papua then invited the Regent of Mimika to review the housing of the indigenous people of Mimika at Paumako port and at that time the Governor stated that he would build housing for fishing communities around Paumako, which in the future can also be used as a tourist spot for people in Mimika and people outside Mimika or in Central Papua and also other Papua and there is this good opportunity we see a very interesting view from what was once a slum housing has turned into a good housing modern housing built with the sincerity of the Governor of Central Papua Province, “said the Acting Governor of Central Papua.

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