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Timika – Every member of the community wherever they are, certainly requires the availability of clean water in their respective villages. In October 2023, the Government of Southwest Papua Province identified drinking water needs in order to realize a comprehensive and general drinking water supply system (SPAM), both in the piping network system and separate from the piping network, and become a guideline for district/city government administrators in developing SPAM in the province. RISPAM is a software for planning the provision of drinking water needs in their respective regions and is an example in Sorong City, Sorong Regency, and South Sorong Regency.

Meanwhile, the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office (PUPR) of Mimika Regency, Central Papua Province is targeting this year to be able to flow the availability of clean water to 50,000 households and is expected to meet the basic daily needs of the community.

Head of the Mimika Regency PUPR Office Robert Mayaut estimates that the budget needed to supply clean water to 50,000 houses reaches Rp. 500 billion. In mountainous areas, Robert stated that clean water has been flowing for 24 hours without electricity. By using the gravity method so that water from high altitudes is channeled to lowlands, the same thing is applied in Potowaiburu Village.

The provision of clean water in coastal areas is assisted by the National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) to research and convert brackish water into clean water for the local community on a daily basis. Robert stated that the government is trying to bring the basic needs of the community closer, such as clean water, because it is the main human need.

Another part that Robert also explained was the 2024 priority program, which is to complete the construction of industrial roads to bring people’s economic activities closer to the market. Not only is this useful for people who want to shop, but it is also needed to accelerate the economic turnover in the local area.

In February, the District Government of Mimika, Central Papua Province, is aiming to serve clean water to four districts in the coastal area. These four districts are Kokonao (West Mimika), Atuka (Central Mimika), Uta (Central West Mimika), and Amar. As of February, more than 80 houses have received clean water services in West Mimika District.

Robert Mayaut hopes that in the future the distribution of clean water can be evenly distributed to all regions in West Papua so that settlements in coastal areas can enjoy purified fresh water quickly and more capably.

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