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EMPOWERMENT OF PIG BREEDING: The Welfare of Indigenous Papuans

by Senaman
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DEVELOPMENT – Pigs for the Papuan people have important values that are believed to be in terms of health, economics, and customs. Starting from how pigs are the main source of protein for the Papuan people so they can continue to maintain their health. Then pigs also become a source of livelihood for the Papuan people. The large number of pig farmers in Papua is in line with the belief inherent in Papuan custom that pig is used as the main menu in various rituals, celebrations and traditional ceremonies which are still preserved today. Apart from that, pigs also have social value, namely how pigs can show status for the people of Papua. The togetherness that exists in Papua can also be shown by enjoying processed pig together at events that involve many people.

The government is also aware of how pig has become a necessity for the people of Papua. Especially when Special Autonomy (Otsus) has been implemented and is being carried out with full focus on the welfare of Indigenous Papuans (OAP). Pigs as a commodity that is able to boost economic value which leads to the welfare of OAP receive special attention from the regional government. The relevant agencies provide assistance to pig farmers in Papua, starting from providing piglets, helping with feed, and also assisting in the process of distributing livestock products.

In 2023, the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia went directly to Papua to provide 1,000 pigs to breeders. Each family head is given a minimum of two pigs to breed so that the results will increase the income of the people in Papua. The government is also encouraging the formation of pig farming groups so that there will be easier coordination when there is assistance related to pig farming. The hope is of course that coordination will be created regarding the management of pig farms in Papua and will then be able to create a good business climate. The Papuan people’s need for pig as a source of protein remains fulfilled and they can also sell livestock products to earn money that can be used to buy other food ingredients as a companion menu for pig.

As a domesticated animal, pigs still show no signs of extinction even though the Papuan people love to eat pig. Moreover, the customs that they believe in also place pig as an obligatory dish at various events. Sustainable animal husbandry will have a positive impact, especially when guided by empowerment from the government.

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