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Ramai Rumakiek, Shining Stars in Persipura Jayapura

by Senaman
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The story of Papuan football never ends. Every now and then there seems to be a young talent with great talent. One of the topics of discussion due to the special talents of footballers is the winger Ramai Rumakiekas. Born in 2002 on April 19, this player is the backbone of the proud nation of Papua, Persipura Jayapura, currently in the second division of the Indonesian League. The victory of the game and the perseverance of the players made Ramai an idol for many. In addition, he was able to score beautiful goals, beat opponents and also participated as a player of the Indonesian national team.

Rama Rumakiek’s talent was discovered by Persipura’s scouting team when he was not yet 18 years old. At that time, he was already in the youth team of Persipura and had the opportunity to immediately go to the first team. Not only that, Persipura was coached by a legend also from Papua, that is the main defender at that time, Ricardo Salampessy. Ramai became the new idols they were waiting for. Goal after goal has been worked to improve Persipura’s performance as they fight for a return to the First Divison of Indonesian Football League. Ramai were invited and given the opportunity to represent their country under the guidance of coach Indra Sjafrie.

Although he is still relatively young, it can be said that Ramai’s game has reached a stage of maturity. In-game decision-making, as well as creating and exploiting opportunities, are Ramai main weapons against opponents. One of Ramai’s qualities on the court is how he manages to penetrate the opposition’s defense with his unique moves. Ramai ran away from the defense of the opposition defender and fired a shot that was difficult for the opposition goalkeeper to stop.

His consistent performances both at club level and with the Indonesian national team have drawn Ramai to previous Papuan legends who have also been successful for Persipura and the national team. From being compared to winger Okto Maniani to being widely touted as Boaz Salossa’s successor.

In 2024, Rama will be 22 years old and still very young to be a footballer. Rama’s career will be quite long if he continues to perform at a high level. Especially if Ramai can take Persipura Jayapura to the top and regain the title as Indonesia’s number one. It is possible that Ramai will receive an offer to play abroad to experience more competition. The public hopes that Ramai’s career can continue to grow and surpass the success of his predecessors.

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