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PERTINA “Benny Maniani, and Young Papuan Boxers’ Hope to Shine”

by Senaman
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SPORT – There is no boxer , amateur or professional, who simply loves boxing who does not know Benny Maniani. Legendary boxer from Papua who has succeeded in etching his name in gold at the inter-country sporting event in Southeast Asia (SEA Games). Starting from the amateur class and being given the opportunity to defend Indonesia’s name on the world stage, Benny Maniani succeeded in making his name and his country proud. Since then, he has become a living legend who continues to inspire young boxers, not only in Papua, but all over Indonesia. Full support from the central and regional governments to establish the best sports facilities to support prospective future boxing athletes in Papua, makes it necessary to have a forum that is able to gather all amateur boxing athletes.

PERTINA is the answer to the need for a forum for amateur boxing athletes who want the opportunity to fight and compete. The Indonesian Amateur Boxing Association or PERTINA is the central parent organization for amateur boxers throughout Indonesia. To facilitate tasks ranging from administration and talent review, PERTINA was established per region, including PERTINA Papua which accommodates amateur boxers from Papua.

Young athletes who are involved in the sport of boxing and are still in the amateur class certainly agree to undergo training and be enthusiastic about competing because they are inspired by the legend, Benny Maniani. In fact, Benny was appointed as one of the administrators of PERTINA. This is of course natural considering how his achievements since the start of his career have resulted in piles of medals. Starting their careers in the amateur class means that young boxers from Papua do not lose hope that in the future, if they continue to train actively they will have the opportunity to become champions like their idols.

PERTINA Papua can be said to be one of the parent provincial branches that has succeeded in developing its young athletes so that they remain respected in various competitions. Other living boxing legends from Papua apart from Benny Maniani also took part in the management and development of the athletes. PERTINA Papua definitely wants to produce The Next Benny Maniani and even wants to surpass him. Various training and coaching programs for athletes have been carried out. Athletes are also sent to compete in various types of competitions, even at National Sports Week (PON). The hope is of course that PERTINA Papua can continue to produce quality boxing athletes so that Papua will continue to be famous as an area that produces the best boxers in Indonesia.

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