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PAPUA IS BACK “Sending a Team to the Indonesian League 1”

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Papua – Papua sent representatives to the Indonesian football event in the highest caste League 1 next season. This happened because PSBS Biak managed to win a sweet victory in the semi-final match of the 2nd leg of the 2023/2024 season of League 2, Thursday (29/02/2024). And it is certain that he will move up in caste.

PSBS first confirmed its place in league 1 after defeating Persiraja Banda Aceh. The Pacific Storm team won 4 – 0 with an overall aggregate of 5 – 1. There is also the last representative from Papua Province in the highest caste of the Indonesian football league, League 1, Persipura Jayapura in the 2019 season. After the black pearl was relegated, there have been no representatives from Papua who have played in League 1.

Apart from that, there are other representatives from Sumatra who are sending their representatives to the next season’s League 1 competition. The reason is, Persiraja Banda Aceh still has a chance of promotion if it can overcome Maluku United. Persiraja and Maluku United will clash with each other and compete for the third position. And it is this third position that will accompany PSBS and Semen Padang for promotion to League 1 next season.

However, if Maluku United were to move up to caste then this would be history. Because in the history of Indonesian football there has never been a representative from Maluku who has entered the highest caste of Indonesian football.

 The final first leg will take place on (05/03/2024) and the second leg will take place on Saturday (09/03/2024). PSBS Biak, which is strengthened by many young talents from Papuan children, is expected to be able to win and secure first position so that it can be promoted to the highest caste of Indonesian football with great pride because the Papuan people have longed for their representatives to compete in League 1, the most elite league for Indonesian football  With so many young talents and the support of the community, it is not impossible for PSBS to make Papuan football proud and have more say in the highest levels of Indonesian football.

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