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Papua Hockey Team ready for PON XXI Aceh – North Sumatera

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Biak – Hockey in Indonesia is not as popular as football or badminton, but it has several health benefits. This sport can improve mood to nourish the heart. In Indonesia, hockey is rarely played on an ice ring field due to its tropical climate. Unlike European countries that have a snowy season. Hockey in Indonesia is usually played on artificial turf.

Basic techniques in hockey include several things, such as:

  1. How to hold the stick: Hold the stick with the right hand in the center and the left hand at the end or bottom, with the position of the stick between the forefinger and thumb like the letter V.
  2. Dribbling technique: Aims to control the ball while running, walking, or moving.
  3. Ball-pushing technique: Pushing the ball using a stick to achieve a goal.
  4. Stopping technique: Stopping the ball by dribbling it in different directions.
  5. Ball snatching technique: Grabbing the ball using three methods, namely the jab by holding the stick with one hand, the flick, and the scoop.
  6. Ready stance: Feet shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent, bent forwards, and eyes following the direction of the ball.
  7. Technique for changing the direction of the ball: Change the direction of the ball by turning the stick using only the left hand and pulling the ball across the front of the body, ideally to a 45-90 degree angle.

Hockey in Papua has shown progress in preparation for the XXI National Sports Week (PON). The Papua Hockey team has qualified for PON XXI after a successful qualifying round, with the women’s team defeating the Bengkulu Women’s team by a score of 29-0 and the men’s team has also secured a ticket to PON. They hope to start training camps (TC) immediately after PON XXI in Aceh-North Sumatra in 2024, to prepare for the quadrennial sporting event.

A total of four Papuan men’s and women’s hockey teams for the indoor and field categories have prepared match strategies to face the National Sports Week (PON) XXI Aceh – North Sumatra 2024. Although currently the Papuan Hockey Team is still training independently in Biak, all players still come to pursue training. This was conveyed directly by the Chairman of the Papua Indonesian Hockey Federation Yotam Wakum in Biak. Yotam also said that in preparation for PON XXI, the men’s and women’s Papua Hockey teams will continue to sparring partners between players.

Through Papuan hockey sparring, for Yotam it is hoped that athletes can improve the technique and physicality of the players while playing full time. Alluded to Papua’s target at PON XXI Aceh – North Sumatra, according to Yotam, Papua remains ambitious to get a gold medal in the Men’s and Women’s championships. Yotam also admitted that the men’s and women’s hockey players from Papua are determined to focus on getting gold in PON The toughest real challenges for the Papua team in the PON 2024 event are the host team Aceh – North Sumatra, DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, East Kalimantan, Banten, and Central Java.

As for regions outside Java, such as Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Maluku, and Lampung, Sumatra and the Papua team must remain a tough opponent for the Papua team. Four Papuan Hockey teams for indoor and field categories are ready to continue the trend of winning medals at PON XXI. Moreover, Papua’s mainstay athletes, Olivia Kbarek, Nofelincr, Paulina Ronsumbre, Iriyani Rumbiak, Lina Lince Rumaropen, Angelika Kbarek, and Ruth Bransik and male athletes Julius Rizhard Rumaropen remain the mainstay of the Papua team.

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