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UNESCO Approves Noken According to the Indigenous Map of Papua

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Noken exists in seven traditional areas of Papua. It is passed down from generation to generation and becomes part of their daily life. Ratification by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) emphasizes the nature of noken as an intangible cultural heritage that requires urgent protection.

Titus Pekei, the initiator of Noken to UNESCO, stated that it was necessary for the government’s policy to show partiality towards the recognition of the world cultural community for Papua’s Noken.

“Enforced by UNESCO means that it has been recognized by the world cultural community. Noken was approved according to the Papuan customary map” said Titus, Saturday (10/12/2022).

Every ethnic group in the Land of Papua has a Noken with all its diversity. Not only the shape and type, but the mention of the name is also different. The multiple designations in local languages ​​also strengthen the meaning of the Noken philosophy. Titus said, as a whole, it is unique, distinctive, and irreplaceable.

It is considered that the government’s clear policy towards Noken is also complying with UNESCO’s final recommendations based on the 2003 Convention, namely the convention on intangible cultural heritage convention.

In addition to conservation, protection, development and utilization policies, Titus said the establishment of the Noken inscription was the highest form of recognition for Noken from nature and all inhabitants of the Land of Papua. Efforts to follow up on the establishment of the noken inscription are the highest form of recognition of noken from nature, forests, land in Papua, said Titus.

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