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Manokwari – Social Media today is an indispensable tool for every individual in today’s world. Social Media use can have positive and negative effects, depending on how it is used and consumed, ultimately returning to the individual’s discretion.

YouTuber Bobon Santoso, known for his large-scale cooking activities, recently organized a “Red and White Wok Mission” event at Pancasila Konja Village, Maybat Regency, Southwest Papua. Along with Yonif 623/BWU, Bobon prepared food cooked by himself and some Yonif 623 members to share with children and the local community. In addition to being a social activity, this event was organized as a form of appreciation for the local people and Satgas Yonif 623/BWU, who have remained steadfast in defending the NKRI and Pancasila.

Satgas Yonif 523/BWU ensured the safety of Bobon Santoso and his team as they carried out the “Red and White Wok Mission”. It was revealed that Bobon prepared 1,000 portions of beef dishes for this event, the beef was cooked with Rendang ingredients. Bobon cooked using a giant wok with a diameter of around 180 cm. Bobon and Personnel Satgas Yonif 623/BWU and the local community also participated and enjoyed the cooking process together.

The vastness of Indonesia’s territory makes the country rich in culture, ethnic groups, and of course, culinary. From Sumatra to Papua, there are diverse types of dishes. Urban living may make it easier to obtain various culinary delights, but for the people of Papua, access to these dishes from the ends of the country is more limited. The joy is not only when eating shared dishes, but also when cooking.

The strong Gotong-royong culture in Indonesia makes this moment more valuable and enjoyed by Satgas Yonif 523/BWU and the local community. Bobon Santoso was welcomed by the local community with traditional dances from the local people, becoming an honored guest in Maybrat.

The Satgas Yonif 523/BWU flagship program, known as the “Truk Banua Mace Pace,” was also not overlooked by Bobon Santoso. This program focuses on Education and Health while distributing light snacks and milk to children in the local area. These snacks were distributed to six villages, including Konja, Konja Barat, Maan, Yarat, Yarat Timur, Howait, and Haenkanes.


After completing the “Red and White Wok Mission” event, it was closed with the distribution of 125 food packages symbolically given to representatives of the community in Konja Raja Village.

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