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Papuan Legend Stories: The Origin of Lake Sentani

by Senaman
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Papua has many sights of natural beauty that can attract visitors to comee. One of the beautiful natural features is a lake located in the Cyclops Mountains Reserve. The name of the lake is Lake Sentani. The beauty mixed with the nature reserve shows how beautiful and refreshing the atmosphere is at the edge of the lake. There are various legends about the origin of Lake Sentani. Based on several versions, this article will tell about the origin of Lake Sentani as believed by the local community.

The name Sentani Lake has various meanings. There are two meanings that are then associated with the legend that will be told. First, Sentani, which comes from the word Endeni, which means “arrived here.” Second, Sentani means “here we live in peace.” The story tells how Lake Sentani got its name and how the local indigenous people live and depend on the lake’s income. In ancient times, there were Papuans who traveled from place to place riding Big Dragon. While crossing the Cycloop Mountains, the dragon that carried them suddenly fell ill and then fell into a pool of water. Due to illness and a fall, the dragon they were riding died. It is said that the dragon was so big that its body parts from head, wings to tail gradually became islands around Lake Sentani.

The story then explains how Sentani was named. First, the meaning “arrived here” shows how the Papuans, then called the Sentani tribe, understand that they have arrived at their destination, even if they have to go through a disaster. Second, the meaning “here we live in peace” describes the life of the Sentani tribe, who can live next to nature by the lake, use natural products to survive and, of course, by protecting nature, continue to protect nature. protect future sustainability.

Lake Sentani has now become a must-see tourist attraction when visiting Papua. Due to the natural beauty it offers and easy access to the place, this lake is always busy with visitors. Lake Sentani is said to still contain the remains of freshwater sawtooth sharks that were declared extinct. Apart from the natural beauty, the preservation of the culture of the people living around the lake also attracts tourists visiting Sentani Lake. Paintings, carvings, statues, and other culture are still original because the Sentani tribe passed down their skills from generation to generation.

The legendary story of the origin of Lake Sentani is now used as a children’s story that adds to the richness of Papuan culture. Although this story is taken from the beliefs of the tribes living around the lake, this story and other versions of the story show how the cultural diversity that spread throughout Papua is still well preserved. New generations in the future will understand and read current stories.

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