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PAPEDA “Food from Papua with Various Benefits”

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Papeda is a typical food from Papua which has a soft, porridge-like texture but looks sticky and is made from sago flour. Serving papeda in Papua is often paired with various complementary side dishes. This is because papeda can be called a replacement for rice as a source of carbohydrates. Papeda also has a taste like rice which tends to be bland. In Papua, papeda is often paired with a menu of various fish preparations, especially in areas close to water. Papeda with fish in sour yellow sauce is one of the typical menus and is a favorite menu in Papua. Apart from fish in sour yellow sauce, papeda is also suitable to be paired with fried fish, grilled fish, and also other dishes such as chicken rica-rica to provide a bland combination of papeda and spicy sauce from rica-rica chili sauce. In essence, papeda is suitable to be paired with any side dish, even vegetables.

The soft and sticky texture makes people who have never eaten papeda wonder how to eat it. Especially when mixed with side dishes. Papeda even has a shape like glue because it is equally sticky. So, when each person is served on their plate, the plate should be given sauce from a complementary menu, such as fish sauce in sour yellow sauce at the bottom of the plate, then topped with papeda, then after that the side dishes should be given. To take the papeda from the container to the plate, each person uses a tool shaped like a fork and chopsticks. This tool is used by rolling it into a papeda container and then lifting it and transferring it to each plate. When it is arranged and ready to eat, a spoon can be used as a tool to eat it.

Papeda has a variety of good benefits for body health. Papeda as a substitute for rice means it is an energy source that contains carbohydrates. Papeda also has a high fiber content so that it can facilitate digestion and contains complementary vitamins such as vitamin C to increase the body’s immunity. Made from sago flour, papeda has a low fat content so there is no risk of increasing obesity. In addition, papeda can help improve and control heart health for anyone who consumes it. Compared to rice, papeda contains less sugar and makes it a safe food for diabetics.

As time goes by, papeda is not only enjoyed by the people of Papua but has spread to many regions in Indonesia. In fact, papeda also has other alternative shapes which are shaped like lontong. The unique texture and taste of papeda make this food popular with many parties. Apart from that, the various benefits that accompany it make papeda a favorite food for anyone who wants to maintain their health better.

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