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Lake Habbema Lake of a Million Charms and Lake High Above the Clouds

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JAYAWIJAYA – Lake Habbema is located in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province and the Lake is located in the Lorentz National Park area, the largest National Park in Southeast Asia. Lake Habbema bears the title as a lake above the clouds, because the location of Lake Habbema is above the altitude, close to Trikora Peak. Lake Habbema’s other name is Lake Yuginopa, the highest lake that comes with a million enchanting natural beauties.

Located about 48 kilometers from the city of Wamena, the journey to Habbema lake is not an easy matter, steep roads, and hilly land contours make anyone who wants to reach the lake need a vehicle with 4-wheel drive, if the road is flat you can travel about 48 kilometers which is reached in a relatively short time of about 1.5 to 2 hours, but because the natural conditions are quite extreme, then going to Habbema by car can take up to 3 hours, because so long the time taken will not be felt, because visitors can enjoy every view that is passed during the trip.

A stretch of hills with tall trees and cool air will spoil the eyes along the way and if we leave early in the morning we will get the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise between the mountains that are beautifully strung, a rare sight and feels so memorable.

Lake Habema has no official operating hours, so practically visitors can come and enjoy the beauty of this location for 24 hours a day throughout the week and to enter Lake Habema is free, so just prepare transportation and guide funds and at the main location of Lake Habema there are no facilities for migrants, but migrants can fully enjoy the natural silence of the mountains away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are several main attractions of Lake Habbema, so that the lake is able to invite interest from tourists, namely:

  1. One of the Highest Lakes in Indonesia, Lake Habbema is one of the highest lakes in Indonesia and has an area of 224.35 hectares, and has a circumference of about 9.79 kilometers, so with this predicate Lake Habbema is often identified as Lake Above the Clouds, besides that Lake Habbema is a lake that is highly sacred by the Dani tribe, and is one of the main sources for the fertility of the land of Papua, especially the area around the lake.
  2. Trikora Peak or Wilhelmina Peak, The attraction of Lake Habbema lies in the view presented at the main location of the lake, a natural panorama in the form of an exotic lake, with the background of Puncak Trikora. Puncak Trikora is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and as for the other name of Mount Trikora is Mount or Wilhelmina Peak. Lake Habema, located on the slopes of Mount Trikora.
  3. Natural View Around Lake Habbema, The location of Lake Habbema as part of the Lorentz National Park presents a natural landscape dish with millions of beauties as far as the eye can see, the weather around Lake Habbema is very cold, at night the air temperature around can reach 0⁰ Celsius. The charm of Lake Habbema with its natural beauty captivated a famous movie director in Indonesia. So that the location of Lake Habbema is used as an inspirational movie setting, and is able to amaze people who see it.
  4. Natural Tourism Wrapped in Local Culture, Lake Habbema area or Lorentz National Park makes a natural tourism area wrapped in local tribal culture. This area is also known as the Home of 7 Tribes, it refers to the local tribes that live in the area and there are 7 local tribes that live in the Lorentz National Park area. The local tribal culture is one of the oldest cultures in Indonesia and it is estimated that the local culture or customs have existed since 30,000 years ago.

The naming of a tourist attraction in Indonesia can refer to several things, such as place names, legends, mysteries, beauty charms, and historical values and for the naming of Lake Habbema refers to the history that once existed in this lake, during the Dutch colonial era, there was a Dutch officer who held the rank of lieutenant named Lieutenant Habbema. Lieutenant Habbema, was one of the bodyguards of the expedition team that would leave for Trikora Peak, or Wilhelmina Peak, in 1909.

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