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Here are 4 Brief Folklore of Lake Sentani

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Lake Sentani takes place in South Jayapura Regency. You do not need to doubt its magnificence anymore since this destination is one of Papua’s icons. Moreover, the attractiveness comes from several versions of folklore that developed in society regarding the events of water formation.

Have you not heard yet about the lake’s folklore? If so, it is better not to skip this article. Because we will discuss it more profoundly in the information below, please continue reading to find out the details!

Almost all interesting natural places in Indonesia have their folklore. So does Sentani, a beautiful lake in Papua. Well, this recommended tourist destination has folklore that tells about various cases. Here are the briefs:

  1. The Legend of Dragon Rider

Sentani area was a dense uninhabited forest with a lake in the middle. Nomads from Papua New Guinea ride a dragon to find a new place to live. When flying over the lake, their ‘vessel’ fell, sank, and then appeared on the surface that can be seen today.

The eastern region represents the head, the middle represents the body which is nowadays known as Asei Island, and the south represents the dragon’s tail. The nomads are safe. They also occupy this area, then are believed to be the ancestors of the lake’s current residents. Life continues to develop, so 24 villages are formed that you can explore!

  1. The Story of the Yomoko Villager Searching for Water

Yomoko is located on Donai Hill. Ondofolo Wally is the tribal chief there. In addition, there is also a resident named Haboi. They all lived peacefully until something happened. Yomoko’s sky was suddenly dark at noon, and the residents panicked. They gathered about what steps to take to brighten up again. The solution was found. They would lift the horizon with the aim of the sun shining on the earth.

Haboi realized one thing when they were doing the action. They have neither water nor fire to survive. Along with Ondofolo Wally, he went somewhere with an eba crystal bracelet and three beads. Their destination is the top of Mount Dobonsolo, the residence of the Water Lord named Dobonai. Almost after crossing the steep terrain, they met a bird who had been watching them, who turned out to be Dobonai’s messenger.

The bird guides them to meet Dobonai. Arriving at their destination, they expressed their desire to buy water. Dobonai agreed, then sent his subordinates named Dukumbuluh and Roboniwai to carry out further transactions as a reward.

  1. Haboi and Ondofolo Wally’s Mistake

The story of these two people continues. They eventually encountered two of Dobonai’s underlings. However, they made a mistake by giving them an unmatched reward. Crystal bracelets with high value were handed over to Roboniwai, while low-priced beads were given to Dukumbuluh. Supposedly, they exchanged those rewards!

Dukumbuluh has a higher position than Roboniwai, so he feels entitled to get more. He was angry with the enormous rainstorm. The two residents of Yomoko have not done anything since they realized their mistake. Fortunately, Dukumbuluh’s anger did not last long. After things returned to normal, the four people met Dobonai. At that time, Haboi and Wally brought a water jug ​​made of woven leaves, commonly called habu.

  1. The Tragedy of the Flood in the Origin of Lake Sentani

Haboi and Wally finally meet Dobonai. Seeing that the habu had been prepared, the Water Lord took them to an open area filled with murky water. They refused to accept it. Dobonai then took them to the clear water source. There lived a yowi fish. They agreed this time, then filled the habu and grabbed the fish. Dobonai covered the habu and ordered them not to hunt any animals on their way back to their village. However, the prohibition was violated, and they hunted boars instead.

The habu they had placed was nudged while preparing their hunting tools. The water spilled like a flood which eventually inundated their village. Previously, they had stuck the tip of the dagger into the ground to prevent it, but all in vain. To return to Yomoko, they cut down trees in the forest to make boats.

Sentani Folklore Attracts Visitors

What is your favorite folklore about Lake Sentani? Whatever it is, it all plays into the historical element, which is the supported attraction.

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