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Approaching Asmat Tribe in Asmat Regency, Papua Province

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In Papua Province, Asmat Regency is considered suitable for an adventure. The region is dominated by wild nature like swamps and rivers, after all. Another reason for visiting it during holidays is definitely to meet the locals. For the information, most of the villagers belong to Asmat Tribe! It even becomes one of the most popular tribes in Indonesia and has attracted foreigners’ attention over time. Tourists usually want to learn the culture and local’s way of living. Plus, they often buy some souvenirs from villagers! Here is the fact. Most Asmat people work as a carver or sculptor.

The Nuance
It is considered easy to meet Asmat Tribe. One of the reasons is the high population. In fact, it is the most populated tribe in Papua Province! These people usually live in the midst of a forest and foreshores. Some of them also live in an area that is surrounded by swamps. They also live in a traditional way. No wonder, only some of them wear modern clothes. The rest keep retains traditions for generations! As for traits, these people are indeed friendly. They often help tourists regarding information and necessities, in fact.

More about Asmat Tribe
The question is what tourists may do once they meet Asmat Tribe. The most common reason is to watch some ceremonies and traditions. The tribe has some interesting ceremonies for tourists to enjoy during the visit. For instance, there is a death ritual. Instead of burying the corpse, these people put it on a woven bamboo. Later, they keep the bones inside a special place. As for the skull, they use it as a pillow! It is to show their love for the dead person. Aside from this tradition, other ceremonies are available like Mbismbu, Yentpokmbu, and Tsyimbu.

Next, Asmat Tribe is known for their traditional dances. The most popular one is Tobe Dance, which is actually the war dance. In the past, these people performed the dance before getting in a war against other tribes. These days, it becomes an entertainment instead. The dance looks merry and emits an inspiring ambiance. The dancers wear unique attires, as well! For the information, the locals also perform the dance to welcome important guests.

What is more? Tourists would like to meet Asmat Tribe in order to conduct photography. They simply take photos with them and explore the settlement. This tribe has a famous traditional house called Jeu. Some villagers even built their house on a tree! Don’t forget to take photos of these houses later, therefore.

Nearby Attractions

  • Agats City
  • Rawa Baki
  • Lorentz National Park
  • Pomats River
  • Unir River

How to Get There
It would take much time to reach Asmat Regency in Papua Province, especially for outsiders. Have no worries. The trip would be faster and more comfortably if tourists take an airplane service. From Jakarta City, they only need to take an airplane and head to Mozes Kilangin Airport at Asmat Regency. This flight usually takes about 5 hours during good weather. After arriving at the destination, it is recommended to hire a local guide who can help to approach the local tribe efficiently later.

Where to Stay

  • Anggrek Hotel
  • Asmat Permai Hotel
  • Assedu Hotel
  • Tagari Inn
  • Sang Surya Hotel
  • Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

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