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Social Media’s Influence on Politics in Papua

by Senaman
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Social media is growing very rapidly, various information and entertainment are very easily obtained through various types of social media platforms. In Indonesia, the development of social media is accompanied by the Internet which has now begun to penetrate many districts and villages. Government prevention to stop negative or fake news (Hoaxes) is intensively carried out, providing education and suggesting a culture of reading more deeply before disseminating news that is not necessarily the truth.

Indonesia has just gone through a massive political period, making political mapping and ideas spread throughout Indonesia, people began to have their guidelines to determine the people in the next government.

Such is the influence of social media for politics for candidates, hoping that people will more easily understand the opinions and ideas they bring to handle this country. From parties to legislative candidates, they are constantly making short videos about why ‘the people’ should vote for them. Social media users who support each presidential candidate also often spread ideas and video clips to convince people to vote for one of them.

This is often the case in Papua, where for those on the island of Cendrawasih, receiving information through social media has become easier. In addition, platform systems such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, have algorithms that if you view or like certain content, similar content will appear on your homepage. This is what affects the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election process in Indonesia, especially Papua.

The advancement of science and technology has a positive influence on many aspects, one of which is politics. This can be felt in social life, political practices certainly do not only refer to campaigns but also certain things. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), Science and Technology (Science and Technology) is a branch of science that studies various information and knowledge about technology. For example, the reach of the internet to remote areas and communication tools that can access it.

What are the positive effects of advances in the field of Science and Technology (Science and Technology) on the world of Politics?

Allowing people to access everything about politics, so with this opportunity, the positive effect of technology on politics is:

– Gaining Information Sources

The biggest positive impact of technology on politics is the abundance of information sources available. Information plays an important role in the running of political campaigns. Ahead of elections, voters can get instant information about candidates, track records, know their profiles, progress, and other information needed before voting.

– Finding out and knowing prospective voters

Apart from the public, technological advances in the political field are also beneficial for political candidates. Competing candidates can find out who has the potential and vote for them in the future.

– Increase political awareness

Politics tends to be seen as apathetic and a waste of time, especially for the younger generation. This view is contrary to fact because politics drives the country. All the information resulting from technological advances can change the views of the younger generation. After that, they no longer want to vote or do practical politics maturely and responsibly.

– Form of Campaign Strategy

This form of campaigning can be done with web tracking technology, which is the result of advances in science and technology. This technology is very effective for targeting potential voters and the right audience in political campaigns. Web tracking is a technology that collects information, activities, and web pages that users visit on the web. This technology allows political parties to know user behavior.

This technology can also find out the activities and direction of users’ thoughts through web tracking. For example, when someone has just visited the website of one of the political parties, the system will automatically suggest pages and content that are similar to their previous history and search patterns.

– Technology for Fundraising

Every political party has a strategy for collecting donations and aspiration/campaign funds. Fundraising is one of the toughest tasks faced by all political parties. The development of technology has made this easy, with the internet and its accessibility to all corners of the world. Fundraising is not a big problem nowadays. Various transactions and banking options are easily accessible, so fundraising can be done at any time.

Politics is a very important aspect of people’s lives in the world, technological advances prove that political practices in the country can develop rapidly, reaching every side of the country that has good internet access. Papua is clear evidence that the influence of the internet for political progress can eliminate doubts for the people to participate and use their voting rights wisely and responsibly according to their respective choices and conscience.

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