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Papua Street Carnival: Help Develop Creative Economy

by Senaman
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Jayapura – The government has begun diligently organizing the ‘Papua Street Carnival’ organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf) in synergy with the Papua Youth Creative Hub under the guidance of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN). The government hopes that this activity can spark enthusiasm and motivate young people in the Papua region so that they always present quality and sustainable creative works.

Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baperkraf) gave a speech at this event. Taking place in the area of the Papua Governor’s Office, Sandiaga said that the potential of the creative economy in the Land of Papua is very large. He also hopes that this event can be a reflection of the spirit of young people to advance Papua. According to Sandiaga, the creative results of this event are amazing, massive, festive, and can go global.

The Papua Street Carnival features more than 116 parades, such as the Fuu Dance with its distinctive musical instrument Tifa, as well as parades from 7 indigenous regions of Papua which begins with a giant Tifa musical instrument replica 5 meters long with a diameter of one meter. According to the Papuan people, they interpret Tifa as a cultural work that is used as a symbol of identity, a provider of identity, and a means of strengthening social relations. Consisting of the Mamta/Tambi, Saireri, Doberai, Bomberai, Ha-anim, La-paqo, and Me-paqo customary areas. Not to forget, the Kanaval fashion parade was designed directly by the young people of Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) which was inspired by the endemic flora and fauna native to the Land of Papua. Not only the fashion parade and traditional dances typical of Papua, the community also filled the creative economy exhibition with more than 3,000 MSME players in Papua, the MSME players displayed various superior creative economy products in Papua, including culinary, fashion, to electronic equipment.

At this event, there will be performers from the Papuan people, one of which is the appearance of a singer from the island of Cendrawasih. These participants passed a rigorous selection stage until 7 people were selected to qualify for the next stage. The selected participants will receive guidance and training to prepare for their best performance at the peak of the Papua Street Carnival.

Papua Street Carnival is a continuation of President Joko Widodo’s direction during the inauguration of PYCH in Jayapura on March 21, 2023. So this creative economy event is the first time held in Papua. This is certainly a positive historical record for the development of Tourism and Creative Economy in Papua in the future. This activity will certainly become an annual event because this event is a history. For the first time, a world-class street carnival is present in Eastern Indonesia based on local excellence and certainly makes young Papuans proud.

The government hopes that this people’s party can open up opportunities for young Papuans to make it an opportunity to improve the welfare of the Papuan people, the goal is to target 4.4 million jobs. Development in Indonesia is currently very directed, not just Jawasentris but Indonesiasentris. And the development of the Papua region is a government priority. Starting from accessibility development to supporting infrastructure for the tourism industry and creative economy. President Joko Widodo said that this grand event shows that the creative economy industry in Papua has enormous material or potential.

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