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Issues that Have Occurred Regarding West Papua Africa

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Several issues occur regarding West Papua Africa. Moreover, the Asian-African countries and the United Nations shattered West Papua’s dream of independence.

Twist and Turn Issues Have Occurred Regarding West Papua Africa

Knowing the issues that have occurred regarding West Papua Africa is important as a society. Do you know twist and turn of the issues West Papua Africa that have been discussed recently?

  1. West Papua’s Failure at the International Forum

In the 1960s, West Papuan activists tried to join the independence movement driven by Asian and African countries.

As a result of the unstable conditions after the war, the colonized countries in Asia and Africa united to end colonialism.

West Papuan activists at the United Nations seek support from African delegates they believe are their allies.

They argue that West Papua and Africa have the same history and desire to end all colonialism practices.

Although African leaders are sympathetic to the cause of West Papuan activists, they are already committed to the Indonesian-led Non-Aligned Movement.

A Non-Aligned Movement is a form of solidarity among African and Asian countries not to interfere in the affairs of other countries.

However, the Non-Aligned Movement did not advocate for its member countries to escape the cold war. Some even used this movement to exploit Cold War tensions to their advantage.

  1. Emphasis on West Papua

West Papua cannot be independent because the United Nations system has failed to respond to their demands and has instead complied with Indonesia’s demands

even though it violates the UN’s commitment to protect human rights and guarantee the independence of every nation.

In the UN General Assembly, which was held to validate the election results, many African representatives rejected the PEPERA results because they were considered contrary to the UN principles of independence.

They demonstrated the hypocrisy of the Non-Aligned Movement, founded to end colonialism but allowed Indonesia to establish a colonial-style government in West Papua.

Even though in this debate, no delegates voted against Indonesia.

The UN finally agreed to accept the results of PEPERA, with 84 votes against 0 votes with 30 abstentions.

  1. Unfair Treatment

Even though the West Papuan people had convinced African leaders of Indonesia’s unfair treatment and their desire for independence,

African representatives did not dare to stand up to Indonesia and undermine the Non-Aligned Movement alliance.

According to them, fighting Indonesia would endanger African countries’ political standing and protection in the international community. Therefore, the African delegates chose to abstain.

  1. The United Nations Prioritizes Sovereignty

Several things have changed in the international political arena since 1960.

These changes include the increasing number of members from the countries of the Pacific region and the recognition of indigenous rights.

The attitude of the United Nations prioritizes a nation’s sovereignty rather than the values of justice and equal rights remaining the same.

West Papuan activists’ chances of gaining support for the referendum will depend on their ability to change the political composition of the United Nations.

West Papuan activists now have the support of Pacific leaders.

They have also been successful in British lobbying officials. However, they still need significant support from African and Asian delegates to get their way.

Learning from what happened in 1969, world leaders should listen to the voices of Papuan activists

Because if they choose not to comply with their demands, then the people of West Papua in Indonesia will face dire consequences.

So this is the case regarding issues that have occurred in West Papua Africa. Hopefully, there will be no more problems, and the world will be peaceful.

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