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An Energetic Politician With A Fighter’s Mentality, Irinus Wanimbo Is The Hope Of Young People In Tolikara, Papua

by Senaman
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POLITICS – The man who was born in Egoni Village, Gilubandu District, Papuan November 5, 1983 in 2023 dared to leave his career as a police officer which he pioneered for 18 years and chose to become a politician joining the PDI Perjuangan, and in the 2024 Legislative Election Irinus Wanimbo successfully became one of the nine elected PDIP Candidates 2024-2029 and made history as the winning party who was ready to hold the gavel in the Tolikara DPRD.

Simultaneous Regional Head Elections which will be held in all Provinces and Districts or Cities throughout Indonesia, one of which is Tolikara Regency in the Papua Mountains Province, a number of names began to emerge in the public to be ready to fight to become a Candidate for Regent of Tolikara and one of them is Irinus Wanimbo, SH, a former aide to the 2012-2022 Tolikara Regent Usman G. Wanimbo.

Chairman of the DPD of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle of Papua Mountains Province Spei Yan Bidana, ST, M. Si has assessed the figure of Irinus Wanimbo or familiarly called Irwan for Spei Yan Bidana, Irwan is an energetic and militant cadre who will create a new political history in Tolikara and the assessment of the Regent of Pegunungan Bintang is proven by the achievement of 9 seats in the Pileg on February 14, 2024, “Irinus is the Regent so, he has consolidated throughout the district, young and energetic cadres like this that we must encourage to become leaders in Tolikara and he has worked down to meet the community, close to the people, and hear the needs of the people according to the vision of PDI Perjuangan,” said Spei Bidana.

This was also recognized by the Secretary of DPD PDI Perjuangan Papua Mountains Province Ignasius Hasim, S. Ag, because Irwan is the figure behind the PDIP victory in Tolikara, for Ignas Irwan’s decision to leave the Police career and become a politician has been carefully calculated, “and he has a target to become Regent, I am sure he will win and I know him well he is a typical young man who is a very extraordinary fighter, we are well aware that Tolikara Regency since its establishment in 2002, PDIP has never received this many DPRD seats, but when Irwan joined PDIP and worked hard with administrators and cadres in Tolikara we were able to get 9 seats,” said Ignasius.

One of the advantages of Irinus Wanimbo is a figure who does not show favoritism, does not tribalism, and embraces everyone, especially young people and with the capital of winning the 2024 Pileg, Irwan was encouraged to become a Candidate for Regent of Tolikara for the period 2024-2029, and on Friday, May 3-4, 2024 Irwan officially registered at the Tolikara PDIP DPC Office accompanied by hundreds of masses who supported him and not only at PDIP, Irwan also registered at the Golkar Party and accompanied by the Secretary of DPD PDI Perjuangan of Mountainous Papua Province Ignasius Hasim, S. Ag visited the Golkar DPD I Secretariat Office. Ag visited the DPD I Golkar Secretariat Office to return the registration form file that had been taken the day before, Irwan officially registered to advance as a Regent Candidate in the party bearing the banyan tree symbol.

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