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Woromo, Jackfruit from Papua and The Market Potential

by Senaman
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It seems that Papua will never run out of natural resources that, if further mined and explored, will improve the human economy. In addition to fish, which is famous on the coast of Papua and has even entered the export market, Papua has other opportunities in the plant sector. Perhaps the most famous plant on the island of Papua. Or if we talk about medicinal plants, the red fruit (Buah Merah) is one of the natural resources of Papua that can be used as a theme. However, it turns out that this typical Papuan fruit has various advantages and potential for development and increased income. It is a fruit with an unattractive physical appearance, essentially resembling a jackfruit. The name of the fruit is Woromo.

Papuans, especially in the mountainous areas of Papua, are used to enjoying Woromo as a daily food. This is why Woromo is called mountain fruit because it exists only in the forests cultivated by Papuan mountain farmers. Its unique texture is similar to jackfruit, from the outer skin to the inside, but there are those who say that Woromo is similar to durian because the texture of the fruit is white with a distinctive aroma that is quite strong. Woromo is not only compared to jackfruit and durian, but also has similarities with coconuts, which is why it is called mountain coconut because it contains quite a lot of water, just like coconut water.

Woromo, which contains carbohydrates, is often used as a staple food by Papuans. There are also different ways to extract the worm. Start eating, just open the skin and take out the pulp, there are some who use it by burning or processing it into other food. Woromo is not only a food, but also a medicinal plant that, according to medical research, has various benefits that can support health and treat various diseases.

Woromo fruit extract can be made into oil or capsules for health. Some of the ailments that can be cured with the various ingredients of Woromo are cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and stomach acid. The low content of saturated fat and vitamins in woromo also helps those suffering from malignant diseases such as cancer and tumors.

Woromo cultivation is an economic opportunity with high market penetration both throughout Papua and Indonesia. Woromo, which processes various types of fruit with proven benefits, is a natural resource that can provide additional income to farmers and Papuans who are used to growing and consuming it. In the future, serious government guidance is needed to realize the full potential of the economic sector from all these benefits.

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