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The Impressive Advances in Technology and Connectivity in West Papua

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West Papua is the province with the largest area in Indonesia. This province reaches 319,036.05 km² or 16.64% of the country’s total area.

With this large area, technology and connectivity play a crucial role in economic development acceleration. With good technology and connectivity, access to remote areas is no longer an issue.

Luckily, governments have been trying to improve technology and connectivity in West Papua in recent years.

To know further, here are some important advances in West Papua’s technology and connectivity.

The Importance of Technology and Connectivity in West Papua

The Ministry of Communication and Information has encouraged information technology and communication growth to elevate the economic, social, and political development of West Papua.

For the economy, the two aspects will open wider opportunities for businesses and industries. Good connectivity will also help to reach more customers.

Technology will also boost education in this province. Access to the internet will help teachers and students to gain more educational materials from around the world.

Therefore, information technology and communication are very much needed to improve the economy, society, and politics in West Papua.

Impressive Advances in Technology and Connectivity in West Papua

There have been efforts to improve technology and connectivity in the province. Some of the advances are:

1. Trans Papua

One of the most impressive advances in West Papua’s connectivity is Trans Papua. This road construction project is quite monumental.

Trans Papua stretches from the Domberai Customary Territory, Sorong, West Papua, to Bumi Anim Ha in Merauke, Papua.

In sum, the total length of Trans Papua reaches 3,462 kilometers, four times longer than the distance from Jakarta to Surabaya.

Trans Papua construction is part of the National Strategic Project (PSN) and the 2020-2024 National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN).

2. Increasing Numbers of Fiber Optic Cable and Base Transceiver Stations

Fiber optic cable is a high-speed data transmission medium widely used in telecommunications networks, data centers, and internet service providers.

Meanwhile, Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) are radio transmitters and receivers for mobile devices and the core network.

The number of fiber optic cables and BTS keeps increasing. Moreover, Jayapura’s Diskominfo,

§  Telkom Indonesia, Dewan Adat Suku (DAS), or Tribal Customary Council (DAS) cooperate to give dissemination of fiber optic-based internet service infrastructure development for locals.

3. The “Connected Papua” or Papua Tersambung Program

At this time, The next outstanding advance in technology and connectivity is this “Connected Papua” program.

This program is part of the central government’s effort to connect West Papua by facilitating access to communication and transportation for all Papuans.

Additionally, the “Connected Papua” program is part of the quick wins 2021-2022 program that focuses on seven strategic sectors in Papua.

The other programs include Papua Pintar or Smart Papua, Papua Sehat or Healthy Papua, Papua Mandiri or Independent Papua, Papua Terang or Bright Papua, and Papua Bangga or Proud Papua.

4. Expanding Network and Internet Connectivity by Telkom

As you all already know, internet connectivity access has become a basic need. Therefore, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk expands the network and connectivity in West Papua.

Through fixed broadband service, Telkom presented an internet access program to support Papuans’ activities and productivity.

Telkom also targeted as many Wifi corners as possible that can operate in West Papua. Telkom and Telkomsel, along with Huawei Indonesia,

For the purpose of collaborate to bring Universal Service Obligation (USO) base transceiver stations (BTS) in many regions in this province.

5. e-Government

The government of West Papua province continues to promote the implementation of e-Government to create better governance.

The e-Government application has become an impressive advance in both technology and connectivity.

In detail, with this provincial governments can carry out better and more effective services and communication with people in West Papua.

Those are some impressive advances in technology and connectivity in West Papua.

While there are still many challenges due to West Papua’s mountainous terrain, the ongoing efforts will make Cenderawasih Island continue progressing.



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