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Sorong Regency, Beef Cattle Center in Papua

by Senaman
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Sorong Regency is one of the cattle breeding development areas in West Papua Province. According to the Animal Husbandry and Health Service of Sorong Regency, there are four sub-districts in Sorong Regency that have relatively large cattle populations, namely Salavati sub-district, Segun sub-district, Mayamuk sub-district and Moisegen sub-district. Sorong Regency has the land, feed and human resources to support the development of cattle breeding enterprises. Access to agricultural resources where waste can be used, for example for feed like rice, corn, tubers, peanuts, green beans, soybeans can help develop cattle breeding. Livestock lands include crops, wetlands, orchards, and pastures. A number of cattleman raise livestock as a secondary enterprise in large cattling systems.

The characteristics of cattlers affect the development of cattle breeding. A cattler’s ability to manage his livestock business will affect the productivity of his livestock. Animal husbandry will develop if cattlers with various practical knowledge related to animal husbandry try to change their thinking and develop quality. Through non-formal education, they can acquire practical knowledge, receive various information from various sources, use various media, gain experience, be creative, innovative and have the courage to make decisions based on traditional rules. The success of a livestock enterprise depends on the ability of business partners to absorb available information. Information is an important factor in enriching cattlers’ knowledge.

In general, cattlers have quite a long experience in raising cattle. Years of cattling experience show that the knowledge and skills are increasing. One of the benefits of keeping livestock is as a savings tool to help you prepare for their child’s future education expenses. In addition, cows will be used for traditional activities such as dowry at weddings and giving meat at other festivals. This shows that cattle breeding is a viable industry and a significant source of income.

The Government continues to promote and continue to develop the livestock potential in Papua. Cattle farming in Sorong Regency is mostly developed through extensive animal husbandry, namely grazing. The government proposes to model the process according to the People’s Animal Husbandry Center. It is hoped that after the implementation of this program, which includes the People’s Animal Husbandry School, the sharing of knowledge from universities and other interested parties can take place in a smooth and coordinated manner.

The cattle population in Sorong Regency needs to be increased to meet the demand for meat in the Southwest Papua region. There is certainly hope that Sorong Regency can become the home of cattle farming in Southwest Papua, given that the demand for Papuan beef is currently largely met by Sorong Regency. As the gateway to Papua, Sorong Regency is expected to contribute to food security in all provinces.

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