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Sarang Semut (Ant Nest), Typical Tea Bags from Wasur Village

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Wasur village, home to the Papuan Marori tribe, is one of the government-supported villages in the economic sector. A quality product of Kampung Wasur is tea bags under the brand Sarang Semut. This unique name is given to the plant, which is then processed into herbal tea. This plant has another name Myrmecodia which is taken from the Greek word meaning ant’s nest. This plant is called ant nest because it is hollow and is often used as an ant nest. The habitat of ant nests is in the forests of Papua.

At first, the ant plant had little economic value because when it was still traded and herbal tea was not yet made, the price was very cheap. Ignorance of the processing of ant nests led the villagers of Wasur to immediately send them to the market in pieces. There is no filtering process, let alone drying, so it can be processed into other products that can increase its economic value. After learning that ant nests can be processed into herbal tea, the people of Wasur village became interested and learned about processing and business methods. Ant nests abound and are considered a great boon to the Marori tribe living in Wasur village. The abundant supply of ant nests was immediately used to produce herbal tea under the brand name Sarang Semut.

This ant nest has a hollow stem and many small cavities that house a colony of ants. Ant nests are often found in the Papua region, especially in the highlands above 600 meters above sea level. Such environmental conditions are an ideal place for ant nests to lay their eggs.

In addition to the unique ecology and morphology of this plant, what makes it even more attractive are its health benefits. Papuans have long used ant nests as a very effective traditional medicine. Ant nests are rich in minerals such as potassium and calcium, which can help with various heart disease symptoms. Ant nests have been shown to help defeat fast-growing cancer cells. The flavonoid content in ant nests can help heal breast lumps in a short period of time. In addition to being a source of antioxidants, ant nests can also act as natural antibiotics in the body and help fight bacterial infections.

When someone starts consuming ant nests regularly, the body may experience certain reactions. Some of these reactions include stomach pain, fever, cough and cold, drowsiness, joint pain, frequent urination, throat problems and decreased appetite. Although these reactions may be unpleasant, they actually show that deworming can detoxify the body and provide long-term health benefits. Ant nests have been used as an effective traditional medicine in Papua for centuries, and more and more people are realizing their benefits.

It is expected that Sarang Semut tea bags can improve the economy of the people of Wasur Village, thereby improving the living standards of the community and self-managing the production of Sarang Semut tea bags, as well as having regular and large users and markets in the future. In addition, Sarang Semut tea bags should be one of the best herbal products from Merauke City, which is widely known, proven and trusted for its effectiveness in maintaining the health of the human body. With the emergence of this creative industry, it is expected that employment opportunities will also open up.

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