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INFLATION STABILITY Cheap Food Prices for the Community

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From the beginning of the month of Ramadan until now, the Papua Provincial Government has succeeded in reducing cheap food prices in order to ensure price stability and supply of basic commodities as well as to control inflation. This activity was carried out on Wednesday 06/03/2024 at the Governor’s office, Jl. Soa Siu Dok II, Jayapura City.

The basic ingredients provided by the Papua Provincial Government with local food commodities are 5 (ima) kilograms of rice, chilies, shallots, garlic, purebred chicken meat and chicken eggs.

Following instructions from the Governor, Samuel Siriwa as Head of the Papua Horticulture and Food Crops Service said that this cheap food movement was also about bringing the Regional Government closer to the community.

“The point is that the government is getting closer to the community, so that prices can be controlled and there is no inflation for food commodities in Papua.”

Samuel Siriwa also said in the crowd of Papuan people that “in this way, we also facilitate local farmers with transportation subsidies to cheap food places so they can sell at a reasonable price or so that both the community and the farmers benefit.”

With the cheap food program implemented by the Papua Provincial Government, it is hoped that it will be able to support people who are fasting during the month of Ramadan, Easter and even entering Idul Fitri 1445 Hijriah, including all local farmers.

On the sidelines of this activity, according to Samuel Siriwa, he also said that he would start distributing cheap food to places of worship, especially Papua Province, with the aim of helping the Muslim community in Bumi Cendrawasih who will be observing the fasting service.

“But we are waiting for requests first from the local mosque or congregation. What is certain is that we will respond immediately to every request,” he explained.

One of the people who visited the government program appreciated the performance of the Papua Provincial Government in creating an agenda like this. And the community also hopes that this activity or program can be held regularly, at least once a week.

“If possible, we suggest that the cheap market activity be held once a week. Because this activity really helps us, the people who are going to fast,” said the man who works as a fisherman.

Hopefully the Papua Provincial Government will be consistent in working on a program that is very good and will have a big impact on the people around Papua.

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