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Fish Sales in Papua: Potential and Approaches

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Papua, as the province with the largest water area in Indonesia, provides great potential for the development of fish farming. Grouper, as one of the most economically important fish commodities, has a large market in the Southeast Asia region. Fish sales in Papua have the potential to reach significant values, especially if appropriate and effective approaches are applied.

Grouper Aquaculture Approach

Grouper aquaculture in Papua has several parameters that must be considered, such as water parameters, land suitability level, and resource availability. Research and development of grouper aquaculture technology in Papua will have a positive impact on increasing fish production and quality.

Marine Protected Areas

Papua has a sizable marine protected area, which forms the basis for the development of Grouper aquaculture. Marine protected areas throughout Papua reach 5.47 million hectares, which is a major source for the development of fish farming.

Aquatic Fertility

Water fertility in Papua has great potential, especially in the Bird’s Headwaters, which have high fertility. Papua’s coral reef, mangrove, and seagrass ecosystems provide nutrients, shelter, and nursery areas for fish.

Fisheries Business Approach

Fisheries businesses in Papua have the potential to achieve significant value, especially if appropriate and effective approaches are applied. Seafood processing marine culture or aquaculture can increase the added value of fishery products.

Fish Market in Papua

The fish market in Papua has a high demand, especially catfish, which tends to be favored by the community. The current market price of catfish is in the range of Rp35,000 to Rp40,000 per kilogram. The demand for catfish tends to continue to increase, which shows the potential for fish sales in Papua.

Socio-economic Empowerment Approach

Socio-economic empowerment can help Papuans capitalize on their fisheries potential. This approach can help communities improve their entrepreneurial skills, as well as assist the government in creating socio-economic independence.


Fish sales in Papua have great potential, especially if appropriate and effective approaches are applied. The development of grouper aquaculture, seafood processing, and socio-economic empowerment can help Papuan communities develop significant fisheries businesses.

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