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DPA Submission: To Accelerate The Economic Growth

by Senaman
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Manokwari – Economic growth is needed in a region, this is so that every ornament of society can feel their respective social welfare. Economic growth can support education, health, creativity, and community productivity in a region. Regent of Manokwari, West Papua Province, Hermus Indou stated that the submission of Budget Implementation Documents (DPA) to Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) within the Manokwari district government is expected to accelerate economic growth in the area.

After the DPA is distributed on that day, the APBD can operate and money will circulate in the community. If the a rapid circulation of money in the community, then economic movement and economic activity will be created both in Manokwari Regency. After the DPA is distributed, each OPD must immediately carry out development programs to ensure economic growth in Manokwari. The APBD is one of the instruments that trigger economic movement and growth.

What is more important in implementing this program is maintaining the quality of budget implementation. For this reason, in addition to the submission of the DPA, the heads of OPD also signed a forced integrity. The submission of the DPA is based on the premise that the general task of governance is for the development and guidance of optimal community services.

To make Manokwari more advanced and structured, development is not only carried out in the aspect of infrastructure, but also the aspects of economy, health, and education as well as community welfare. All things that are handed over to the government, must be organized by the local government.

The submission of the DPA is slightly delayed because several expenditure budgets require adjustment or refocusing. After all, it is quite a significant burden on the Manokwari APBD in 2024. This year the District Government is burdened with financing the regional head elections and financing land acquisition for several strategic projects. Because this is a political year that requires the allocation and distribution of financial resources to support the holding of elections, especially the regional election, the budget required is not small. With an APBD of Rp1.4 Trillion this year, the Manokwari Regency Government has issued grants totaling RP85.5 Billion for the election.

Through the Regional Grant Agreement Script (NPHD), the government provided grants to the Manokwari KPU of RP50 billion, the Manokwari Bawaslu of RP19 billion, and the experience budget for the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) of RP16.5 billion.

This year the Manokwari Regional District Government is also required to spend a budget for land acquisition on the provincial capital’s strategic infrastructure project, namely the transfer of trails or what can be called the diversion of roads and bridges to the airport.

Although the project is funded by the state budget through the Ministry of PUPR, it is estimated that the Manokwari Regency Government needs a budget of more than RP100 billion for land and building acquisition in the trace transfer project.

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