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Cocoa From Papua: One of the best in Indonesia.

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Jayapura – Cocoa from Papua has great potential to improve the local economy. Papua’s fertile soil allows a variety of crops, including cocoa, to grow in abundance and become a source of livelihood for the community. Cocoa has become the third highest plantation export commodity in Indonesia and has a big share in the lives of indigenous people in Papua. Some cocoa farmers in Papua, such as Lewi Irab and Salmon Kwano, have managed to increase their income through the sale of cocoa beans and have participated in cocoa cultivation rehabilitation and development programs conducted by the government and non-government organizations. In addition, West Papua has successfully exported 5 tons of Ransiki cocoa beans worth Rp225 million to Europe, demonstrating Papua’s great cocoa export potential.

Products produced from cocoa in Papua include various types of chocolate, such as cocoa beans, cocoa powder, chocolate bars, and other processed chocolate. In addition, Papua also produces other cocoa products such as chocolate products processed by UMKM Kakao Kita, which includes a variety of chocolate products that use original cocoa beans from Papua Province.

Papuan organic chocolate has several benefits compared to conventional chocolate. Here are some of them:

  1. Better quality: Papuan organic chocolate is produced using organic methods, which means no chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used. The quality of the cocoa beans is better because they are not contaminated by harmful chemicals.
  2. Less harmful to health: Papuan organic chocolate does not contain pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can be harmful to health. Consumption of organic chocolate can help maintain a healthy body, such as preventing high blood pressure and maintaining brain health.
  3. Direct support to farmers: Papuan organic chocolate helps Papuan farmers by buying cocoa beans directly from them. This helps increase farmers’ income and promotes better community development.
  4. Increase regional income: The export of Papuan organic chocolate can increase regional income, thereby helping to improve the quality of life of local communities.
  5. Increase public awareness: Papuan organic chocolate helps raise people’s awareness of the importance of organic farming and environmental protection. It can help raise people’s awareness of the importance of protecting nature and improving the quality of life.

In May 2024, the Papua Provincial Government in synergy with the Plantation and Animal Husbandry Office made the first shipment of 10 tons of Cocoa Beans with a price value of Rp. 1.2 Billion through Jayapura Port to Olam Food Ingredients in the city of Surabaya, East Java.

The Acting Regional Secretary of Papua, Derek Hegemur said that this first shipment shows that the development of the Cocoa program in Papua is on track and with good results. This effort will continue to be carried out to encourage programs to increase community business productivity. This shipment of cocoa beans is the result of a collaboration between the Central Government, Local Government, and Cocoa Farmers in Papua.

This is an important moment to motivate the government and farmers to further improve performance in managing and producing certain crafts from Papua’s natural resources, one of which is the Cocoa Bean. The government hopes that in the future not only Cocoa but other superior commodities from Papua Province will be sent out of the region so that this can encourage the improvement of the regional economy and have an impact on the welfare of the community.

Not only will the community, but the government will also continue to strive to increase other commodities, such as Vanilla, Coconut, Sago, and Palm Oil. Efforts that have been made are through appropriate and integrated development programs from upstream to downstream so that plantations and producing areas can get added value for the people in Papua.

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