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ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT “Government of Papua Mountain Province Invites Collaboration with Cenderawasih University (UNCEN)”

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DEVELOPMENT – The Province of Papua Mountains and Cenderawasih University have collaborated by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the Leadership Meeting Room of the Rectorate Building. This MoU aims to establish cooperation in the fields of Education, Research, Research and Development in the Field of Science. It is hoped that this agreement will increase access to higher education in the Papua Mountains region, as well as encourage research that focuses on the natural and cultural potential of Mountain Papua.

The Right Hand of the Governor of Papua Mountain Province, Velix V Wanggai, said that the presence of new autonomous regions needs to be supported by education in the area. This is a concern for the Government of Papua Mountain Province, one of which is the leading and priority sector, namely the education sector in building Human Resources (HR). Chancellor of Cenderawasih University Dr. Oscar Oswald O Wambrauw expressed his gratitude to the Government of Papua Mountain Province for its trust in collaborating with Cenderawasih University. The Chancellor of Cenderawasih University indeed intends to open lecture locations in various regions of Tanah Papua, one of which is in Papua Mountains because the Chancellor of Cenderawasih University wants education in Papua Land to pay attention and improve further.

Velix Wanggai added that reflecting on Presidential Decree No. 24 of 2023 concerning the acceleration of Papua’s development, Called Smart Papua, Healthy Papua and Productive Papua, we want to have a smart and healthy Mountain Papua and a Mountain Papua that is economically productive, with that desire we want Once Cenderawasih University became our foster parent in the context of education.

Through this MoU the basis of Education, Research and Service can then develop into other and important aspects for the community, especially young people who want to develop and learn, collaboration with regional universities will continue as a manifestation of the mission of the Papua Mountain Province Government in increasing Human Resources (HR) and extensive development.

According to the Chancellor : “We will prepare study programs through team studies which programs are needed early to open, for Engineering, Social, Education, Health, Sports and other programs.”

Cenderawasih University currently has nine faculties with 85 study programs and postgraduate programs. Cenderawasih University has decided which faculties and study programs will open lecture locations in Mountainous Papua, because it is still waiting for the results of the study from the Papua Mountains Provincial Government Team.


With this cooperation, it is hoped that there will be a significant increase in scientific development, Human Resources and sustainable development in the Papua Mountain Province.

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