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Here are Some Reasons Why Papua Must Continue to be Part of Indonesia!

by Senaman
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Papua as part of Indonesia is undeniable. However, Papua is in the midst of a vortex of pressure for independence. The demand for a referendum and separation from the Republic of Indonesia has echoed since the reform order began. However, the central government will never grant these demands. Let’s see the discussion of “Why Papua Must Be Defended” below!

Papua is Indonesia

The history of Papua is the history of Indonesia. The struggle of the heroes in seizing the territory of the Dutch East Indies did not only cost money, but also tears and blood. Papua from the beginning has been an inseparable part of the Republic of Indonesia. The struggle for independence of the Republic of Indonesia from Dutch colonialism stretches from the westernmost region, namely Aceh, to the easternmost part, namely Papua.

The historical value of Papua is different from that of East Timor. Papua is part of the Dutch East Indies which must be included in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. The struggle for Indonesian independence would mean nothing if Papua was not included in the scope of the archipelago.

Indonesia had relented by delaying the settlement of West Papua in the Round Table negotiations with the Netherlands. The negotiations, which took place in December 1949, made Indonesia follow the will of the Dutch because the recognition of the independence and sovereignty of the state was more important than the issue of West Papua.

The struggle for Indonesian independence was covering the areas that were once controlled by the Dutch East Indies. There were some areas that were colonized by the British and Portuguese, but we didn’t try to take them. West Papua has meaning because many nationalist figures were exiled to Boven Digul. So, long before the demands for a referendum on Cenderawasih land, there was already an emotional bond between Indonesia and the indigenous Papuans.

Indonesia will lose a very enchanting tourist attraction

Papua is well-known as one of the regions with world-class destinations with well-known names. Raja Ampat is one such case. This tourist attraction is supposed to be highly pricey, especially for Caucasians of this size. As a result, Raja Ampat generates a significant amount of revenue for the region and the state.

The state will no longer possess these tourism assets if Papua is divided from Indonesia. Not only has money been lost, but so have tourists. Because it has lost one of its most ardent supporters, Indonesia’s moniker, which is rich in tourism, will be hindered.

Indonesia Will Lose One Of The Big Incomes

Yes, this is about Freeport. Even though it gives a fairly small percentage, the funds that come in from the management of the Freeport mine can be said to be large, reaching trillions. Well, if Papua were to be completely separated, then Indonesia would lose that much. Because they have separated, of course the government will not interfere with the gold mining there.

Papua will be difficult to be more prosperous

Papua wants to be independent from Indonesia because it is certain that separation would result in greater prosperity. Will this happen, though, if they truly split up with Indonesia?

Of course, it might be both yes and no. It will, however, most likely be challenging.However, it will likely be difficult. Papua seems quite difficult to be ready to become its own country because there are still many shortcomings in several ways.

Papua certainly requires qualified human resources to become a developed and great country. As we know, education there is still not evenly distributed. The state needs to organize its competent government, otherwise there will be misery. What is more feared is that the people are not in line with the government so that it will trigger division.

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