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Keerom District Village Economy : Will Rise Through Electricity Procurement

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Jayapura – Sources of electricity are very important to fulfill and help social life, especially the economy. Coupled with all transactions and exchanges and information about the economy that requires internet access and smart electricity. As a state-owned company (BUMN), PLN is obliged to provide electricity to people throughout Indonesia.

Papua is no exception, although access and terrain are still limited at several points of Papua Island, PLN does not continue to give up on providing electricity services for the people. Recently, PT PLN (Persero) provided the Papua and West Papua Regional Unit (UIWP2B) with electricity in five villages as a form of commitment to supporting the improvement of people’s lives in Keerom Regency.

The General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Papua and West Papua Region Main Unit, Budiono, said that this facility is a gift on the 21st anniversary of Keerom Regency. PLN continues to strive to fulfill and provide electricity to all people in Indonesia, especially in Papua. The presence of PLN can contribute to the welfare of the community, at least to be able to enjoy electricity, learn, and certainly grow the economy.

PLN is ready to serve the electricity needs of 358 potential customers in five villages in Keerom Regency because PLN has completed making electricity networks for the village. PLN explained that it only needs to connect to residents’ homes if the administrative costs of connection and home installation are 100 completed, and fulfilled by prospective customers.

In line with economic growth and infrastructure development in cities in Papua and West Papua Provinces, PLN UIWP2B must also ensure its readiness to supply electricity to customers. The addition of generating capacity as well as network and maintenance continues to be carried out.

Some of the programs carried out by PLN to increase electricity distribution in Papua include:

  1. New Electricity Installation Assistance Program (BPBL): This program aims to increase access to electricity in Papua by providing free electricity connections to people who cannot afford it. This program has successfully distributed electricity to 342 families in Southwest Papua.
  2. Power Addition Program: This program focuses on increasing electricity power in Papua by providing additional electricity power to the community. This program has helped increase electricity usage in Papua, especially in areas that previously did not have access to electricity.
  3. Construction of Solar Power Plants (PLTS): This program focuses on developing renewable energy sources in Papua. This solar power plant has been built in Raja Ampat, West Papua, to help improve energy efficiency and reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  4. Electricity Distribution to Inland Areas: This program focuses on improving access to electricity in inland areas of Papua that previously had no access to electricity. The program has helped increase electricity usage in these areas, such as in Raja Ampat.
  5. Gastrodiplomacy Program: This program focuses on boosting the creative economy in Papua by developing the local food industry. This program has helped increase electricity usage in these areas, such as in Jayapura.

With all infrastructure completed, PLN asks for the support and role of the surrounding community to maintain the security of the electricity network in their area, so that if there are trees that are fragile and easily fall, so as not hit PLN’s electricity network. This is urged so that disruptions to the power lines can be minimized.

PLN will also reveal the presence of electricity as a gift for the people in Keerom Regency to feel equitable electricity services, so it is hoped that in the future all regions in Papua can prosper.

Keerom Regent, Piter Gusbager said that his party gave PLN and all related parties who had helped to realize the availability of electricity in Keerom Village Regency Paten Keerom.

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