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Empowerment of Craft Micro and Small Medium Enterprises in South West Papua

by Senaman
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South West Papua is the latest development in the Papua region. As a new province of Indonesia, South West Papua is beginning to build its economic independence. Until recently, Papua was famous for its natural wealth and beauty. These two later became a turning point in the professional life of that field. It begins with the use of natural products that are processed for economic value and ends with natural beauty that is used as tourism, inviting visitors from outside the region in the hope of increased economic activity. In addition to natural wealth and beauty, South West Papua also has a lot of creativity. Some of the works characteristic of this new area are noken, tifa, and another handicrafts like the famous weaving. There is another equally beautiful handicraft that can be sold in markets and distributed outside the district. The National Crafts Council from the center of the Indonesian government has heard about this possibility and they also give support, from financing to marketing training.

The National Crafts Council believes that community-owned assets in the South West Papua region can increase income and develop community independence in the economic sector. The products they make are unique and not available in other areas. The crafts that people make there are the result of a cultural heritage that has been passed down and taught from generation to generation. Its authenticity is guaranteed, so it deserves high praise.

Wury Mar’ruf Amin, wife of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia and Chairperson of the National Craft Council, was immediately dispatched to Sorong to deliver a message of encouragement to the handiwork community there. The essence of the message is how craft, with its manufacturing capabilities and beauty, can become something that brings progress. The government also has a strategic plan that can help the people, can be called artisans, in their work.

Legality of business units and legality of licensing is one of the programs launched by the National Craft Council for artisans in South West Papua Province. The aim is to help the government get valid data on the number of artisans. In the future, this data will make it easier for authorities to help artisans who are already legal entities. In addition, the government also cooperates with other parties with various assistance. For example, the business community in the province of South West Papua must have a corporate social responsibility program that can provide economic support to artisans.

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